Neighborhood map (PPAC #29)

I stopped one morning to pick up my White Elephant gift at a coffee shop before heading to work. I parked my car and I noticed this artistic neighborhood map. Maybe it stood out to me because it colored a gray morning.

Side note: the neighborhood is called Toluca Lake. And no, I’ve never seen the lake considering I’ve gone to this neighborhood many times to go grocery shopping and to go grab coffee and dinner. Upon my research, there is a Toluca Lake but it is a private lake with GORGEOUS waterfront homes owned by a few Hollywood celebrities. Growing up in LA, I’ve only run into one celebrity in my life. I saw him standing in line at Target getting garbage bags. I mean I’m sure I’ve come across others, but I don’t go out of my way to find them.

PPAC #29

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3 thoughts on “Neighborhood map (PPAC #29)”

  1. I’ve heard of that neighborhood, Julie. My husband grew up in Burbank and he talks about all the neighborhoods like I know right where they are. I traveled to LA for meetings when I worked once in a while. We usually bypassed it, though and headed straight for San Diego. Since I drove everywhere from the Central Valley, I still had to go through LA either on the 5 or the 405. I spent a lot of time in Sherman Oaks where my friend Elane Geller lived.

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    1. Growing up, I lived in Santa Clarita so I never really ventured out until I went to university. I was surprised how many different neighborhoods there were in LA/San Fernando Valley area. I noticed over the years neighborhoods have divided themselves to create their own name to distinguish or separate themselves from their former neighborhood.

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      1. I think that is very hard to do in LA because of how close the neighborhoods are together. Other cities, like Phoenix have the same problem.


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