A Bright mural to brighten my week (PPAC #30)

I was going through my old photos and came across this mural from my 2017 Iceland trip. I guess I was drawn to a more colorful photo to brighten my week. I’ve been working from home this week due to the rise of omicron and reducing our exposure by going to the office less. Since my kid’s daycare is at my work, I have not been taking her to daycare this week so she’s with me all day. Even before having a kid, I have never been a fan of working from home.

What makes working from home more bearable is that my husband is working from home too. At his work, his company did their annual holiday shutdown for the last two weeks of the year. Because of the rise of omicron, they have a weird policy where they need to get two negative COVID tests before returning to the office. The thing is, he tested negative for the first test and he’s waiting for the results for his second test and it’s taking a long, long time. Last week I had so many volunteers and coworkers who reported they are getting tested for COVID. They waited four days to get their result. Getting two COVID tests before returning to work is so inefficient.

I’ve been practicing waking up early again to write, reflect, work on some projects, exercise, and appreciate a bit of “quiet hour” before my kid wakes up. But the thing is it’s so dark early in the morning. I go outside for a little bit to get some sun and go back to “clock in” and work until 5:30 PM and the sun is down. Wow that took a turn. Maybe that is why I am craving some more color in my week.

A fun mural somewhere in Reykjavik

PPAC #30

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