A Field of butterflies and tulips (PPAC #32)

I enjoy passing back this mural at work. Something about it makes me smile — maybe it’s the bright red tulips. Also, the children are away from screens (assuming they have smartphones and TVs) and are instead interacting with the world around them. It’s strangely refreshing.

Maybe this mural speaks to me so much because there’s nothing that peeves me more than people stuck on their phones or TV. For some people, I have a hard time getting their attention or starting a conversation. I feel like I have to throw a bag of marshmallows at them or pull their phone away in order to grab their attention. I even had adult family members throw tantrums at me through a car ride because I refused to turn the car around to get their phone. I’ve been to some neighborhood parks that are empty even on a weekend — I assume the kids would prefer to be inside playing with their screens. I could have an entire post about people and their phone addiction.

PPAC #32

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4 thoughts on “A Field of butterflies and tulips (PPAC #32)”

  1. My husband thinks I am one of those people, Julie. We both are in our own ways. But you are so right. It’s too weird when you are having a meal with a group of people, and everyone needs their phone on the table. Sadly, that’s a true epidemic.


    1. I am all for using the phone for research, taking photos, and blogging– anything productive really is fine. I love how I can use my phone to use WordPress. But when it gets to point where one neglects responsibilities or uses it to avoid/ignore something that’s when it’s concerning.

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  2. I love the aesthetic of this work – I can see why it makes you smile!
    And to include the lamp & fence so we get a sense of scale – one of the most challenging things about photographing murals is the context & size … and they are often in rather awkward places; thank you for giving me a context of its surroundings.


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