An ever-changing wall? (PPAC #34)

I pass this collection of small sculptures everyday to work. I am not quite sure what these mean and what each piece represents…I noticed it’s a little different now. Here’s the original photo for reference. Maybe they had to shift some of the sculptures because of the construction (note the excavator in the background)? Also, I had to crop out the construction barrier on the right of the photo.

But then again, bottom bar in the original photo was vertical and in this photo it’s horizontal. On the top left on the wall, the original sculpture was a smooth wavy line and in this photo, it’s a three sharp zig-zags. I’ve been passing this wall for three years and I have never noticed the pieces changing. Maybe the significance is an ever-changing sculpture wall? I need to re-visit this sculpture wall. I am sure I’ve had other photos of this wall when I looking for backdrops. (See note in the bottom of the post)

PPAC #34

Edit: Nope, they do not change their sculptures on this wall. They have two additional sculpture walls. The photo featured on the website is the second sculpture wall. Stay tuned for another re-feature of the sculpture wall.

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