There goes my weekend. Thanks a lot, allergy meds!

I planned today would be a productive, yet relaxing day, but I had these awful allergies. I thought I was going to clean, write, and work on house projects. After this morning’s trip to the gym, I went to Target to get some allergy medication. I haven’t used allergy medication before. When I got home, I took the meds and took a 3 hours nap. I feel so drowsy. Here goes another late Weekend Coffee Share.

Happy Lunar New Year

Last weekend was Lunar New Year. Filipinos don’t celebrate it, but my Vietnamese husband does. My husband suggested we go visit his mom in Irvine. We drove down for more than an hour to visit her to only try to drag us to go to his cousin’s house for Lunar New Year. My husband’s cousin’s house is about 20 minutes north of Irvine. My husband was feeling pretty sour that we drove all the way down, just go all the way up. In defiance, we decided to stay in Irvine to hang out with his sister and boyfriend at home. By the way, this is not the first time something like has happened. When his parents lived in San Diego, we drove down there only to try to bring us to LA. If had known they were going to LA that weekend, we would have stayed home that weekend.

Laying down the ground rules early

When I was at my SIL’s place in Irvine last weekend, I could not help but noticed how clean the place was. This was in contrast with the previous place where the house was dirty, moldy, and smelled like dog pee. She looked lighter and happier — maybe because she’s not caring her for adult siblings (who I might add who are capable being independent but choose not to).

I think the way we are handling this situation is a lot different from my SIL. I’ve seen my SIL stretch herself so thin there was a time she worked three jobs providing for four adults and a baby. We are different from SIL because we try not to make BIL #1 and BIL #2 live too comfortably — I don’t know if that’s the right word…I call out things I don’t want. For example, BIL #2 took a shower and kept the bathroom door closed after he finished using the bathroom. I told him to always keep the door open when he’s done using the bathroom because the bathroom is still steamy and we don’t want to end up with a moldy bathroom. We are also less likely to provide nicer things like a newer, larger TV and fridge. When BIL #1 moved in he asked we could get a larger fridge and a deep freezer and I said “no, not right now. We’ll get a larger fridge when we do a kitchen remodel.” It was established early on, I was the less accomodating sibling. Side note: We haven’t done any plans towards a kitchen remodel.

Another interview opportunity

I received another opportunity to interview. Same employer, different location. This location is SIGNIFICANTLY farther — it would be twice my commute. I declined the interview opportunity. I think I’ve lost count of how many interviews I declined at this point.

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Weekend Coffee Share

3 thoughts on “There goes my weekend. Thanks a lot, allergy meds!”

    1. Yes there are non drowsy options. Unfortunately, the Target I was at made it really inconvenient to buy allergy meds. Firstly, it’s locked up so I had to call an associate to get it unlocked. When it was unlocked, I wasn’t allowed to browse through the allergy meds, I had to already select which meds to take. Once I selected which meds, they had to take it to the register.


  1. Hi Julie,

    I too have allergies and they are a pain. Over the years, i know now what works for me and I just keep them around because there is almost always something around setting mine off. I hope you find what works best for you without wiping you out.

    More job interviews – ugh – sorry to hear this. They are almost always stressful and sometimes the decisions they leave you with are like trying to decide what the best bad idea is – ugh.

    I hope the right opportunity finds you soon.


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