Mosaics in Little Italy, San Diego (PPAC #35)

I never noticed how much public art was in San Diego until recently. My family and I stayed in San Diego for the weekend for my cousin’s wedding. Usually when we go to San Diego, we would stay in my SIL’s way out of downtown San Diego. I love to explore places, but getting anyone to go anywhere with me was like pulling teeth. I get it, we already drove so far–why drive any further.

For this trip, we got a hotel in a neighborhood called Little Italy. I came across a multi-panel mural that covered the history of Little Italy, but I did not get a chance to finish taking photos as we were heading back to the hotel to get ready for my cousin’s wedding. I guess that means we shall set another trip to Little Italy *wink*? There just so much art in this neighborhood! I decided for this week to stick with some tile art or mosaics, I came across on my walk.

What a lovely collection of blues and greys.

Some interesting tile art in the park. Thought I called the left photo a penguin, it’s actually a seal according to the label. The one on the right is a baseball player.

PPAC #35

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