PPAC #37 Would you like some tea?

You can find this fun, quirky mural on the side of TEAPOP in North Hollywood (Vineland and Ostego).

I enjoy their cold brew and milk tea blend. This franken-drink sounds so weird but it’s so good. Their loose-leaf teas look pretty and I’d love to buy some for my pantry. Maybe I’ll buy some later for the warmer months for some iced tea.

Do you like tea? What is your favorite tea flavor and what do you like to add to it? Comment below and I’d be willing to try it!

For me, I am more of a coffee person than a tea person. I’ll drink tea every once in a while and when I do I enjoy drinking my Earl Grey black.

PPAC #37

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5 thoughts on “PPAC #37 Would you like some tea?”

  1. I thought of the children’s song, “I’m a little teapot,” that MY grandmother taught me as soon as I saw the mural. How cute. I’m more of a coffee person, too. ADDICTED to my husband’s coffee!

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