A Weird weather weekend

Hello everybody and happy weekend! I got a nice surprise in the mail. Thank you Ju-Lyn the lovely postcard. It’s so bright and summery. I love the spread — I’d like coffee with all that please!

Speaking of postcards, I need to find a new home for my box of postcards. Lana has been going through them and I can’t seem to find them. There are some postcards she likes and I intend to use her favorite postcards to decorate for her room like as I have done for some postcards to decorate the living room.

Weekend plans

After a Saturday morning of errands (which was most returning/exchanging items) and Lana’s dance class, I am pretty tired. I was planning to walk my dogs and my kid around the neighborhood but it’s raining. It would have been a good opportunity to use our new wagon. I do see the sun peeking through. Maybe I’ll wait it out for a bit. In the meantime, I’ll do a little bit of writing and kitchen re-organizing.

Sorry, Koda. The wagon is not for you.

Interviews update

In the last few months, I have rejected each opportunity for an interview. As of this week, I have broken this streak. I finally said “yes” to not just one interview opportunity, but two interview opportunities. They’re happening the following week. We will see how these go. They’re both much closer to home. In fact one is five miles from my house. If I get the offer and I decide to accept, I may consider biking or taking the bus to work and wherever I take my kid to daycare.

The previous interview opportunities were really hard to reject because it would have been major promotion and a significantly higher salary. But the commutes to those positions were going to be incredibly far. I am sure if I did not have a kid and still rented, I would have jumped at this opportunity enthusiastically. I have inquired to the folks who would have been my supervisor to learn more about the position. I was trying to probe if the position did remote work a couple of days a week even though I already knew it was doubtful.

Weekend Coffee Share

3 thoughts on “A Weird weather weekend”

  1. Hi Julie – I’m pleased to see the opportunities keep finding you and hope you find one that fits just perfect. I salute you for taking the wider picture into consideration because money is not the only thing in life that should drive decisions like this.
    You are a wise woman.

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