Daddies Tomato Ketchup (PPAC #40)

First of all, I can’t believe this photo is ten years old.

This was from a trip to New York City. I spent a week there with my college friend who arrived from the Bay Area. We explored the sites, walked through parks, and eat at a bunch of restaurants. In the middle of this New York City Hall Park, you would find this jumbo inflatable ketchup. It was so goofy, and of course, I could not help but take a photo of it. It reminded me of the style of Pop Art a la Andy Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup Cans.”

And yes, Mocha makes a cameo.

Anyways, after ten years I finally went around to look into this odd inflateable sculpture in the middle of the park. The artist behind it is Paul McCarthy who has other interesting inflateable sculptures like a blockhead and pile of dog poop.

Other than who made it, there was not much about this installation other than it’s quite humorous. I did learn Daddies Ketchup is a British brand, but it does not look like the sculpture. The real Daddies Ketchup logo is a thumbs up and the sculpture Daddies Ketchup is of a man’s face. Maybe the artist chose a large bottle of ketchup because ketchup is well-liked by a lot of people. However, I’m not a big fan of tomato ketchup. I much prefer mustard. In fact, I like to dip my fries with mustard…or malt vinegar or sriracha sauce. What do you like to eat your fries with?

PPAC #40 – Every 5th and 10th PPAC, I like to feature public art from my trip abroad.

3 thoughts on “Daddies Tomato Ketchup (PPAC #40)”

  1. Julie, what a funny statue, if you can call it that! Have you ever been to Hearst Castle? Apparently, Mr. Hearst loved to have Ketsup and Mustard bottles on his fancy table for his guests. LOL I love that you have a plan for your travel pictures. That is a great idea. My posts are all over the place. If I happen to find something new, that’s what I post. Thanks for your link and your consistency. I love “Manny” in your arms. Your fur baby has seen some cool places, too. 🙂

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