Eat Around the World: Eggs

I must always have a carton of eggs in the fridge. After university, there was a time eggs was what I had with every meal. I went from co-operative living at university eating from the cafeteria every day for every meal to making every meal on my own on a tiny budget. It was always breakfast for dinner and I did not mind. As I am approaching my mid-30s, I continue to do breakfast for dinner. Since I don’t eat a lot of meat and needed enough protein to get through my pregnancy, I had to eat lots of eggs (plus the morning protein shake to give me that boost). Plus my kid needs protein and she prefers eggs and beans. She does not really go out of her way to eat meat. Very rarely does she reach out for chicken. I am happy to say that it saves me money because I would probably find the meat on the floor.

Of course there are chicken eggs, but I do hope to get my hands on little quail eggs, duck eggs, and century eggs. Will I dare myself to eat balut (a fertilized duck egg)? Where would I find balut in the first place?

I do want to try making eggs bonda at some point. It’s a boiled egg dipped in spiced batter and it’s fried. I’ve had it in Indian restaurants and would to make some myself.

How do you like your eggs? Comment below!

Eat around the World“ is a monthly writing/photography challenge where I invite people to share a dish around a theme, ingredient, or technique. April’s theme is Eggs! To participate you could either share your post in the comment box, pingback to this post, or tag “Eat Around the World.” The deadline is April 30th.

16 thoughts on “Eat Around the World: Eggs”

  1. I also like to eat eggs. These past few months, one of my husband’s fellow volunteers gave him/us excess duck, turkey, and chicken eggs from their flocks on their farm, which was most wonderful. (I hope that the current bird flu does not make it to our immediate area.) I mostly enjoy hard boiled eggs on my daily salad. I also like brussel sprout omelets with a touch of smoked paprika or just scrambled eggs in butter. My husband also enjoys eggs, so we tend to eat them every day.

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  2. I like eggs in… cake. Oh, yeah, and custard 🙂

    When we had backyard chickens, it was a challenge to use all the eggs, especially since I don’t like them (unless they’re in cake or custard… or ice cream, or… you get the idea). I made and froze breakfast bowls for busy school mornings and made breakfast casseroles on weekends for them to eat on.

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  3. I was like you a while back, eating lots of eggs, as my main source of protein. I often had an egg sandwhich several times a day. I had eggs in salads and in different types of dishes. I sort of overdid it, I still have eggs, but not in the same way I used too. My daughter eats eggs every day.


  4. Oh, a great post. I often have my eggs fried or poached, but I did try Shakshuka last year and really like it. It’s now part of my recipe book. My youngest son loves eggs and he has them pretty much every day of the week. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the Egg Bonda recipe. It looks good.


  5. Great post, Julie. I occasionally have eggs as a meal. I quite like French toast. However, when I was a teenager I went ona radical egg and grapefruit diet where you ate 6 eggs a day. Oh boy. I haven’t really been into eggs too much ever since. I bake a lot and use up a lot of eggs that way though.
    Best wishes,

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    1. I think I may have heard of the grapefruit and egg diet. I would not like eggs either after that. I think at some point when I was a teenager, I avoided eggs because I worried about fat. It was not until my twenties when I started not to be afraid of food.

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  6. I love your feature on EGGS! as you knew I would!
    Breakfast all day is what I would do … beans, eggs & toast – one of my favourites … good going Lara!
    I love Eggs Bonda; have never made it though, as I loathe to deepfry anything in my kitchen. Hope it turns out well for you!
    Tried balut decades ago as a teen visiting Manila, on a dare. Never again: feathers stuck in my teeth … enough said!

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    1. There was a Thai dish where you would deep fry a hard boiled egg too. I never thought to fry a hardboiled egg, I don’t think I have the right size pot for frying. Lol about your balut experience. You mentioning it makes me not want to revisit that experience.


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