The Island of Elephants (PPAC #43)

I think this mural has made its way to my top five favorite public art pieces. I can’t believe I can find this within walking distance to my home. This mural can also be found in Plaza Del Valle. I was drawn by how whimsical and magical it looked with the clouds and the elephants greeting visitors to the island. There’s even a unicorn! When I reviewed the photo, it took me a moment to realize the vases are also painted — it fooled me!

The artist behind the mural is Gary Soszynski, who is based in LA. You’ll find more fantastical art. It’s worth exploring his site!

The planter is part of the mural. It almost looks like the real thing.


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5 thoughts on “The Island of Elephants (PPAC #43)”

    1. Yeah I felt so lucky. For many years my neighborhood was never the place one would find street art. It was the neighborhood was frequently overlooked — I mean it still is, it’s got some ways to go. I’m trying to get a local coffee shop that’s not Starbucks come here.


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