The Long break

We’re not having coffee this week. We’ll be having Argentinian parilla. There is more meat on this grill than what I eat in a month. I usually get my protein in the form of beans and eggs. When I had to amp up my protein when I was pregnant, I used protein powder.

Between my husband and I, it was leftovers for lunch and dinner for days.

Final week at work

Yesterday was my last day of work. There were so many ups and downs (workload and emotions) throughout those two weeks. Now I am exhausted. I returned my stuff, said goodbye to many people, and packed up my personal things (and Lana’s). I still worked on my last day because I needed to wrap up on some projects like closing old files, preparing items for a training for the next day, etc. It was so awkward to say goodbye to people and NOT give hugs considering that we’re still in pandemic mode in the hospital. I had to leave it to the people to initiate the hugs because some people may prefer elbow tapping which is completely fine. I was tired as soon as I got home, I went to bed around 9 PM which is incredibly early for me.

Break time!

Now finally the break I’ve been looking forward to. It’s only a week, but it’s the longest break I’ve had between jobs in a long time. The last time I had a break was when I left my restuarant job at university because I was graduating and two weeks later I started a new job in a new city — I barely count that as a break. But also, it was my first real job. In my prior transition between jobs, I only had three days.

I hope during my work break I can enroll Lana in a daycare early in the week. I intend to start her off with doing daycare for half the day and do the full day when I start my new job the following week. I already narrowed it to three after reviewing their licenses. Our budget also filtered out a bunch of daycares. I also hope I can progress with some projects that have been on my list such as cleaning the backyard, repurposing the bookshelf as a planter, and release some posts that have been sitting in drafts for sometime. I promise I’ll relax too — I hope I can use this time to explore too — maybe seek out some egg dishes (or work on some egg dishes at home).

A Candy-Free Easter basket

This year is Lana’s first year celebrating Easter. We went to an egg hunt today at the park where she got several eggs. And yesterday at her last day at her daycare, she did an egg hunt there plus a nice Easter party.

This past week, I’ve been working on putting together an Easter basket. I decided to make my Easter basket candy-free. From the Dollar Tree I got the basket, bubbles, and a book. I added a leotard and ballet shoes from Target since she is taking dance class and set of egg-shaped chalk from the hospital gift store.

Not the final product. I did not even buy this Easter basket.

I think putting together a candy-free Easter basket is easy right now at her age. I wonder what future candy-free Easter baskets would look like when shes a little older. Would I put new socks in the eggs? A bag of popcorn? More books and bubbles?

Anything else you would put in an Easter Egg basket? Comment below!

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4 thoughts on “The Long break”

  1. Hi Julie,
    This has been such a journey for you and now a whole new era begins.
    I recall such changes in my career and loved the enthusiasm I felt at each new challenge and move. I raise my virtual glass to say cheers and fair winds to you as you make this the next great experience of your life.


  2. I hope you have a wonderful break and a great start on your new job. Happy Easter to you and your family. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.


  3. A new job, how exciting! You cram lots of activity into one week, Julie. I wish you the best and look forward to updates! Happy belated Easter to all. Lots of love ❤️


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