Flowers for a grey day (PPAC #45)

It’s that time again where I feature public art from some part of the world outside of Los Angeles. I first came across Jeff Koons’ bouquet statue a few years ago in the Broad Museum in downtown LA. While vacationing in February 2020, I saw the bouquet of tulips again but this time in Paris. The statue in Paris includes a large hand, whlie in

I finally got around to reading more about this art install in Paris and it was surprisingly divisive ranging from being too whimsical or too suggestive… or maybe people were overanalyzing. For me, I just enjoyed the contrast of color flowers against a Parisian winter sky.

PPAC #45

3 thoughts on “Flowers for a grey day (PPAC #45)”

  1. It is surprising that this was such a divisive piece of art. I agree with you, it is colorful and whimsical, but that’s all. Thanks so much for sharing, Julie. 🙂

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