Ikura don salmon roe egg

Eat around the World: Eggs (recap)

Now back to the fun foodie post. Did you hear? I experienced a racist incident. I was so steamed I had to write about it.

I have to say, keeping a blog has saved me many, many times. It has helped me deal with difficult and dark moments. Rather than being drowned out by what everybody else thinks, I get write my own narrative and I find that empowering. In blog world, I kick ass.

Anyways, here egg dishes I got to try this month. Most of the egg dishes were chicken eggs. I was hoping to find some eggs bonda or maybe make some this month. I did not even get to make eggs bonda during my week off. I think I may have under estimated the free time I actually had during my week off.

Ikura don salmon roe egg
Ikura and salmon don

This salmon and ikura rice dish was my only non-chicken egg dish. Ikura are fish eggs. There was another fish egg dish I wanted to try, but it’s out in Koreatown. That dish has a medley of fish eggs. I’ll make my way someday.

Milky Moon: Salted egg cream with milk

Salted Egg Cream drink. I’ve never had a egg in my drink. I’ve heard of people of putting egg in their coffee (see Homegrounds, Spruce Eats), but I don’t think that would work out with my Nespresso machine because I don’t think the temperature is be hot enough to fully cook the egg. Maybe I would prepare the coffee through French press, if I had a French press.

The Milky Moon is from my nearby boba/pearl tea place is a milk based drink with a salted egg cream. It’s a nice combination of salty, sweet, and creamy.

Egg pizza khachapuri
Khachapuri (also known as Georgian Bread Boat)

Khachapuri is my favorite egg dish. It’s so simple! Here’s an approachable version of the recipe from the New York Times cooking section if you don’t have the bandwidth to make your own bread dough.

Omurice or omelet rice

Omurice. Lana enjoy this omelet rice at the Korean market. Underneath this fluffy egg was some piping hot fried rice.


Okonomiyaki. It’s kind of hard to see the egg because it’s piled on some sauce and onions, but it’s there! I introduce my cousin and her husband to okonomiyaki, also known as “Japanese pizza.” Instead of bread dough as the base, it’s noodles. Then it’s topped with egg, sauces, cabbage, and onions. It can also be topped with proteins such as meat or seafood.

Then there were a few egg dishes I made:

From left to right:

  1. Eggs curry: This is so simple. Why did not I think of it! I did not make my own curry. I just use the curry simmer sauces and threw in hardboiled eggs, of course. And then there’s garbanzo beans, fresh bell peppers, and cilantro.
  2. Eggs remoulade (from Bon Appetit): I did not know what a remoulade was. It’s basically a mix of mayonaise, anchovies, mustard, something pickled, and other spices. The sauce itself tastes amazing. The original recipe calls for anchovies which I did not have on-hand. But I have lots of fish sauce, which I substituted. The dish tastes great alone as an appetizer or you can throw in a roll and it’s a sandwich. If you like, you can slather more remoulade.
  3. Egg in a hole: I did not get the fuss around Egg in a Hole until I decided to try it out. Lana loves it so I make it for her for breakfast on the weekends. Since I did not have butter on-hand, I used olive oil and that works too. I liked cutting the circle into half-moons to make it look like a funny-looking teddy bear. If I had other cookie cutters I’d to love play with different shapes such as stars and hearts.

How do you like to prepare and eat eggs? What are your favorite egg dishes? Comment below!

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6 thoughts on “Eat around the World: Eggs (recap)”

  1. These sound amazing, Julie. I’m sorry you had a racist incident. Racism is stupid. People fear what they don’t know. Your blogging friends stand behind you and love you to pieces especially when you feed us so well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. It took me some time to process and heal after this incident because my kid was present when this happened. But yes, I will continue to share more photos of art, food, plants, and the good things in life.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Somehow my mother and grandmother taught me how not to take what people said about me too seriously, but it was a hard lesson. I was super sensitive and I had a harelip, but I didn’t have to deal with racism. I think white people may discount racist remarks against them as being insignificant unless they are in a neighborhood that is dangerous. What can I say? I’m white and in my eyes, that’s ok. Bad words, that assasinate character are not so easy to ignore. Be proud of who you are, and your daughter will pick it up naturally. Racist names mean nothing. Racism with threats is dangerous. Being alone in the wrong place is dangerous. Always be safe, my friend. Your race is you be proud of it. You are beautiful and so is your 1.5-year-old daughter. Be very proud.


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