Donut Man Strawberry donut

Eat Around the World: Strawberries

Anything with strawberries are hit and miss with me. I like fresh strawberries, but I am not a fan of strawberry flavor such as strawberry ice cream, strawberry candy, strawberry milk, etc. because the flavor tends to come off as artificial. I ask “did they really use strawberries?”

Donut Man Strawberry donut
The famous strawberry donut from The Donut Man. I eat the strawberries first and then I eat the donut.

For me fresh strawberries are already dessert themselves. You can just add to make it more indulgent — you could simply add cream, sugar, ice cream, or a donut or do all four items as listed.

I also hope this month I can find some varietals. I’ve seen yellow strawberries in pictures, but I have yet seen it in person. I also hope to play with strawberries in savory dishes (see strawberry goat cheese bruschetta, strawberry and grilled cheese sandwich). Maybe I’ll even make a drink using real strawberries.

How do you like eat your strawberries? Or do you have a favorite strawberry recipe comment below!

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11 thoughts on “Eat Around the World: Strawberries”

  1. I pressed something on my photo shouldn’t have. We just visited our old neighborhood, and the strawberries I planted are prolific, I’m told. I miss them!!!

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  2. I am a little embarassed to say this, but I’m the complete opposite of you – I don’t particularly care for fresh strawberries but am very happy to drink strawberry milk, snarf that peculiar pink strawberry ice cream (not the fancier strawberries & cream) and gobble strawberry flavoured “chocolate”. I think it’s got to do with nostalgia – the kind of strawberry products I grew up with. I don’t think I tasted a fresh strawberry until I went to college in Texas.

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    1. Strawberry flavored chocolate sounds interesting. I attempted to make strawberry milk the other day but it did not come out great. It taste like dirt. Maybe I put too many strawberries :-P?


  3. I live in coastal south India. We do not get fresh strawberries here. But I like looking at their photos. Our daughter lives in Germany and our grandchildren enjoy fresh strawberries. But we do get strawberry flavourec ice cream, custard etc but I never eat them. I don’t like the taste.

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  4. Hi
    I visited your site. So beautiful write up blog. Beautiful you share strawberries. Nice strawberry 🍓 ice cream. I like strawberry test. Iam so 😊!

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