Well this was unexpected…

First off, thank you all so much for the support and kind words about the incident at the park. It made my spirit crumble seeing that other family got to keep their dog at the playground and I was the “rulebreaker” asked to keep my dogs out of the park. I felt worse that my 1.5-year-old was part of this incident. I felt compelled to explain to her why world can be so unfair even though she won’t comprehend what I’m saying.

After processing what happened, maybe I did have more power than I thought. I had support from the bystanders who saw what happened. They made their comments how the lady was just rude to me — plus she did not work at the park. The bystanders too brought up about the other dog who got to stay. The grumblings at the park were enough to make the other family pack up and go with their dog. At the time I was so uncomfortable seeing them leave because I made this happen. But now looking back, I feel better knowing I had all this support through this horrible incident. It was like I realized I had superpowers all along.

All I wanted was lunch

It looks like our simple Mother’s Day lunch on Sunday will be more like a party happening on a Saturday. It was supposed to be a simple set-up. In fact, as of last week, I did not even know which date is Mother’s Day until my coworker asked me what were my plans for Mother’s Day. My coworker has no kids of his own which I thought was kind of funny. He probably has a gift for his mom.

As of Monday, it was originally going to be a Sunday lunch at my parents’ house where I would bring lechon kawali (pork belly) and egg rolls, my sister brings dessert, and my mom makes side dishes (i.e. salad and rice). We extended the invitation to my BILs who were still deciding on their plans. They could either have lunch with us on Sunday, go see their mom in Orange County, or just do nothing at all. BIL #2 invited his mom but she wanted the lunch to be on a Saturday. So that’s what we did on Tuesday: shift the lunch to Saturday and move lunch to happen at my house to shave MIL’s travel time by 23 miles.

Then as of yesterday, it turns out SIL and her boyfriend and her kid were planning to come. Then later my husband’s third brother, his wife, and their two kids are apparently coming along. The initial lunch of eight is potentially turning into a party of eighteen. I’ve noticed the more people, the more complex the expectations. We got questions like, “what is your theme?” What? It’s Mother’s Day! Should we get those inflatable jumpers too?

I told my husband we should only act as though we’re still organizing for a lunch for eight because this was completely unexpected. We did request everyone else to contribute by bringing a dish it was originally a potluck lunch…but there is also a likelihood it will all fall through and we spent our money and energy preparing for a party. We just don’t have the bandwidth to host anything major right now with my husband working a lot of overtime and me getting adjusted to a new job.

I do speculate that the BILs may have brought up the imminent eviction to family and it’s likely going to be a party topic. It looks like the unexpected party will probably make an expected turn.*

* Edit: I was wrong. There was no brawl about eviction. Everyone was on their best behavior. It was unexpected.

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! I barely remembered Mother’s Day, but I definitely remembered Teacher Appreciation Week!

I want to end this Weekend Coffee Share on a high note. We celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week at Lana’s daycare by doing a series of activities to show appreciation to the teachers. On Monday we brought flowers, Tuesday was a gift bag full of snacks, Wednesday was a thank you card (Lana did some sticker art in the card), Thursday we gifted teaching supplies (i.e. paper, glue sticks, crayons), and on Friday it was a box of chocolate. I look forward to doing Teacher Appreciation Week next year. Maybe by then our flower box will be full of flowers and we can make bouquets from the flower box. Hopefully by then, Lana can write “thank you” cards to practice her penmanship.

Bout of Books Challenge 34

I’m joining the Bout of Books Challenge from May 9th to May 15th. It’s my favorite time of year when I can just take more pauses throughout my day to read. It’s a practice I should do more often because there are many moments where I feel like I am going, going, going. I am currently re-reading The Revival of Opal and Nev by Dawnie Walton but this time in audiobook form. I am also reading The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker.

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7 thoughts on “Well this was unexpected…”

  1. I hope your unexpected party turns out well 🙂 I’m sorry about your experience in the park, but am glad that the other people there took your side. There are rude, and even racist, people in the world, but I think most people are decent.

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    1. I agree. I believe there are decent people in the world. I have to say bringing up to people (well at least the people I know) feel uncomfortable when I mention a racist incident. They don’t like racism, but it also seems like they don’t want to hear it. Some unfortunately would deny it was racism. I’m not wishing ill will and hate to anyone, I am just calling out what it is.

      I hope the party turns out well too and drama-free 😄.

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  2. H Julie,
    Well – I miss one weekend and something like this blows up. Gracious!
    I’m so sorry you got caught up in someone else’s weakness and I’m particularly sorry that your daughter had to experience it. I think part of the reactions you are referring to is the difficulty anyone has in processing a charge of racism these days.

    First, I think it is highly over-used and is flung about as a tool to silence others, thus the honest events of racist actions are all mixed in with the news flow of fake claims that exhaust us who just want to live life while not react to any fake claims. So, we are left to make yet another judgement about whether something was racist or not, and if I did not see it myself, facts can be hard to nail down. Ugh – more work just to be right. . .

    Second, if that woman really was only interested in your “infraction” and not that of another, then she’s being selectively outraged and in my mind, this disqualifies her opinion completely and leaves me with the right (if I’m the one accused) to say “I’m sorry you feel this way. I’ll look into your claim and act accordingly.” Then I’d do something like go over to that other family or a park attendant if there is one, and ask if it’s okay for us to have our dogs here and thus get a more mature read on the situation. But ignore all words that follow from the accuser. She is disqualified from the discussion.

    In my economy, a true racist is best ignored if at all possible because they understand almost nothing else.

    Sigh. . .

    I hope your new job is wonderful ! !

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    1. Hello, Gary, Unfortunately there was no park attendant to referee the situation. I just wanted to come out and win as the “better person.” I told the bystanders that maybe she’s afraid of dogs or she’s allergic to them even if it made no sense because she was only outraged at my mistake. I was throwing anything to placate the situation quickly. To also avoid further altercation, I was willing to keep quiet to let the other family have their dog stay in the play area even though I was fuming inside.

      On the bright side, I had a lot of support when it happened so there are more good people than bad. Also, there are many better parks where I live.


  3. It’s lovely that you are taking so much time & effort to show Lara how to express appreciation to her teachers. Our children are never too young to learn to think of others & give meaningful gifts … it will go a long way to their growth & personal journeys!

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    1. Thank you, Ju-Lyn! I wanted these gifts to be meaningful for the teacher too to help make the school function. I know some may think it’s frivolous to give gifts, but sometimes saying “thank you” just is not enough.


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