Sorry for the mess

I apologize for the mess! We just returned from a camping trip with friends in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. We camped out in Tinnemaha Creek Campground. It was a short but sweet trip. I’ve never been out in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. The landscape here is quite interesting — desert life in the foreground and high icy mountains in the background. I would love to explore other parts of the Eastern Sierras such as Mono Lake, Manzanar, and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest.

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To be honest, I have love/hate relationship with camping. I enjoy the outdoors, taking photos, and collecting stamps and stickers for my National Park passport. But I hate all the waste produced at the end of a camping trip (i.e. bags of discarded paper plates, single-use plastic, etc.). I am also appalled by what people bring to a camping trip like another tent to shower. We’re only camping at a place with no running water for no more than 48 hours so a shower can wait. I like to use camping as an opportunity to unplug, unwind, and find inspiration a la Thoreau’s Walden. A competition on who has the flashiest camping equipment ruins the fun of camping for me.

Any tips on how to waste less on a camping trip? Comment below!

Botanical garden break

Across the street from my work is the botanical gardens. As soon as you step in, the sound of moving cars fades into the sound of moving leaves. Though it takes up a small piece of land (relative to the rest of the campus), there are so many walking paths. I will try to make it a point to come here on my lunch breaks once per week.

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16 thoughts on “Sorry for the mess”

  1. That is wonderful you got away for a bit to go camping. The views around Eastern Sierra Nevadas look amazing. Great weather too. Agree that there’s a lot of waste that comes with camping, and it’s up to the individual to pick up after themselves – and it can be hard to avoid using single-use plastic. I think it’s always good to go camping with a plan and plan for what you need and may need πŸ™‚

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    1. Agreed, Mabel. I feel the waste contradicts the meaning of camping and being with nature. I guess as long as we assess our impact and be good Earth citizens to clean up after ourselves everywhere we go, it should give me some peace of mind.

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  2. Hi Julie,
    Yea – the only real downside of camping for me has always been other campers.
    As a family – we always tried to find isolated spots to camp – which has gotten always harder if you’re not backpacking. Drive-in solitude is painfully rare.
    When we were camping with our kids scouts troops, team washing dishes was always included as part of the experience and thus few paper plates to fuss with, but time was spent doing it rather than exploring.
    But now we’re old and backpacking is only a fun memory, but we look forward to future camping events of the drive into sort – and hope for a degree of isolation.
    And, botanical gardens — right across the street?
    How cool is that? I would have advertised this as yet another reason to work here.

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    1. I think it depends who you go with. I have friends where we trade product recommendations to reduce waste. I have noticed those who are a little more extravagant with their camping are those with kids. I guess I understand they want to make the kids feel comfortable, but I also feel it takes away the meaning and appreciation of being out in the wild and caring for the Earth.


  3. You made it into the Botanic Gardens! It’s wonderful that you have an oasis close to work – may it bring you many moments of restoration!

    I have been camping only once in my life – I tagged along with friends and really had no idea what to expect or do. I was ill-prepared and the experience was just a blur. I have to admit outdoor pottying is not really my idea of fun.


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