Cheese around the World

*Note: I thought I posted my Strawberries recap on May 31st, but I must have forgotten to publish it. **

I decided to use June to explore cheese. If I am stump on what to make for any meal, I would eat grilled cheese sandwiches. If it’s grilled cheese for breakfast, I’d add an egg. If it’s grilled cheese for lunch or dinner, add a side of soup or salad. I’d make a charcuterie board a meal. There’s no designated charcuterie board really. It’s more like a plate of cheese, crackers, cured meats, and fruits — it’s the easiest work lunch to pack like adult Lunchables.

If you see me grocery shopping, you’d always find a random cheese in my cart like this chive cheddar cheese pictured above. I can’t wait to make this into a grilled cheese sandwich and stuff it with green onions. A few weeks ago, I picked up a fun flower-shaped brie and before that, I picked up a bag of halloumi fries.

Aside from trying and sharing different cheeses from the deli, I think I’ll probably be open to getting some cheese-flavored ice cream and in sweet pastries like ensaymada.

Here is to hoping June is a less chaotic month. If it is another crazy dramatic month, at least I’ll be eating a lot of cheese.

What are your favorite types of cheese? Do you enjoy pairing with anything? Comment below!

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11 thoughts on “Cheese around the World”

  1. I’m very particular about cheese. I don’t normally go for the regular block of orange colored cheddar. I like the expensive stuff from Europe but strangely, one of my all time favorite cheese is from California. It’s called Seascape and it’s a white cheddar that’s aptly named because its aroma reminded me of the ocean.

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  2. We are a very cheese-y family too, and we reach for cheese in just about everything, from shredded cheddar to dress soups & sandwiches, pecorino shaved over pasta, bleu cheese on Loving Husband’s burgers (sliced Edam on Younger Child’s), buffata with special tomatoes (heritage, momotaro). I am also not ashamed to admit that we do have Laughing Cow spreadable cheese on toast when the mood calls for it!

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    1. I love Laughing Cow cheese. I also enjoy cream cheese too for my toast. When I am feeling fancy I like Buffalo cheese too. I love it in top of pizza.


  3. I love smoked gouda on fresh French bread; a friend of mine introduced me to that combo in college and it’s one of my favorites! But I like a lot of cheeses (though I have discovered I do not like blue cheese or goat cheese).

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