Strawberries around the World (recap)

I decided not to do a deadline. At some point I’d like to do a standing page on previous food themes so I can continue to update and share some recipes around that theme. After my Eggs post recap, I thought to myself, “I don’t want to stop sharing recipes about eggs.” A few days later, I made shakshuka. I have to admit, it was not the best shakshuka recipe but I will continue to find a good shakshuka recipe even if April is long over.

So rather than being bound by deadlines, I’ll continue to share some egg dishes just as I want to share some recipe wins around ice cream and festive dishes. But also I do enjoy recap posts because I get to reflect on the past month through food. Plus I think it is fun to focus and explore on a certain food or theme for a month.

Over the past month, I’ve learned I don’t necessarily like all things strawberries. I’m not a fan of most strawberry drinks. I tried making my own strawberry milk but I think it tasted like dirt. Maybe I should add more sugar…Maybe for now I’ll enjoy strawberry milk from a cafe. I enjoyed this frosted milk drink with fresh strawberries, strawberry syrup, and egg pudding.

I do like strawberries in desserts. For example, take this strawberry cake that my sister got for Mother’s Day. The sponge is strawberry flavor with some fresh strawberries on top.

And here’s more strawberries in dessert. I think I was on a dessert kick the last few days because I ws getting over my pneumonia this past month. April was such a tough month, health-wise.

I also experimented with strawberry dishes at home. I made some strawberry blondies with white chocolate. I think it was okay, I just found it to be too sweet. I think I would have preferred brownies and dark chocolate with the freeze-dried strawberries.

My most favorite strawberry dish I made this month was a grilled cheese sandwich with strawberries. This recipe is called the Sunday Brunch Grilled Cheese from the Grilled Cheese Kitchen Cookbook. I dipped the bread in an egg and milk mixture and cooked it like I was making French toast. The cheese I used was brie and I put strawberries. The original recipe called for drizzling the sandwich with some syrup and a dusting of powdered sugar. But I don’t think it was necessary.

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*Note: I finished this post on May 31st. I must have fallen asleep because I forgot to press post :-P. *

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6 thoughts on “Strawberries around the World (recap)”

  1. My grandmother use to make homemade strawberry jam. There was a liquid on the surface that had a different consistency then the jam and she would scrap it off and freeze. She called that part freezer jam and we use to put it on our vanilla ice cream. That said, I think just plain, fresh strawberries are my favourite.

    Fun post. Thanks for sharing.

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