Parking garage mural (PPAC #49)

This is probably the most lively parking parking garage I’ve been to. Splashes of color in what’s mostly a grey plain area makes a difference.

Location: North Hollywood at the NoHo West Shopping Center.

It looks like neighborhoods adjacents to North Hollywood also want to become North Hollywood too. Down the street from my house, I saw a sign on a street where they were claim themselves to be “North Hollywood North East.” Maybe my neighborhood will be absorbed to become “North Hollywood North West.” Too many norths to be honest.

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3 thoughts on “Parking garage mural (PPAC #49)”

  1. Fabulous colors. That does make a difference. I love the girl’s eye’s too even though her skin is grayish. I just heard a decorating tip. If you have one color to pattern you don’t particularly like, add more of it. I’m not sure how that works, but the person who told me has a beautifully-decorated house. So the painters kept a bit of the ugly gray background and it turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing this, Julie. 🙂


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