Staying cool…elsewhere

It’s going to 102F degrees (38.8C) today in my part of Los Angeles. Thank god we are going to the South Bay Botanical Gardens for the monthly dog walk where it will be 77F degrees (25C)!

Get yourself a cold coffee and a kouign amman

Speaking of heat, I am also working on making a shade structure. I’ve thought about it for years but we where figuring out how to anchor the pergola. My husband wanted to keep it free-standing and not have it attached to the house. I suggested planters as an anchor but then we’d have to deal with things like rotting wood. Then I suggested instead of a pergola, let’s have shade sails between the house and the trees — but those would be very big shade sails. Finally, I came across this DIY project on HGTV — they use planters as anchors but it’s weighed down with concrete. I would not create drainage holes on the planter post since I do not intend to fill the rest with soil — we’ll just have separate pots so we could still have plants around each post.

Family update:

BIL #2 moved out this past Monday afternoon. His mom picked him up and now he’s living with her, his sister, her boyfriend, and nephew. (Side note: she dropped him off at our house on Sunday night after Las Vegas and came back from Orange County to pick him up — that’s a lot of driving.) Since I knew MIL was coming over, I left the house for most of the day. I sent my kid to daycare and spent my Juneteeth at the vet for Teddy’s appointment. I knew if I saw her she’ll ask me about her son (my husband). If she has something to say to him, she should tell herself not this chidlish silent treatment nonsense.

Teddy’s first trip to the vet dentist

Back to Teddy, we went to not just any veterinarian but veterinary dentist. He had a lot of infection in his front teeth. It got so bad, it got up to his nose. The dentist took out all his front teeth to stop the spread. He’s been on pain killers and today is his last day on the treatment. The bill was pretty high. Here’s to hoping his pet insurance could help bring some relief *crosses fingers*.

I’ll keep this week’s share short today since I’ll be out cooling off in South Bay!

Weekend Coffee Share

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5 thoughts on “Staying cool…elsewhere”

  1. I hope you got top cool off! We are also experiencing very warm weather, but nothing like three digit temperatures. That is so hot! Doesn’t it usually stay in the upper two digit temperatures in LA? I hope your dog is feeling better. Have a wonderful new week.

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    1. Hello, Maria, It depends where in LA you live. West LA (Santa Monica, Venice Beach) and South Bay (Torrance, San Pedro, Long Beach) have cooler weather and what most people associate with LA. I live in San Fernando Valley and there is large hill between SFV and West LA leaving West LA with all the cooler comfortable beach weather and SFV all the heat. I noticed in some neighborhoods in SFV the nicer wealthier neighborhoods have a lot of trees — it’s like they make a microclimate where their part of town is cooler. I am trying to make my own shade around my house so we could stay cool too.


  2. Aw – your poor little guy. This sounds painful for him and now, he’s missing so many teeth. That’s going to be a management issue all it’s own.
    Good news finally on the BIL front. I hope this allows some peace to happen.
    Distance from the slacker should help you guys a lot.
    Not sure he will benefit as he will go on on being enabled to continue his life style but at least your family can start living normal healthy lives more easily.
    Here’s hoping the chaos is past.


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