Greeted with confetti (PPAC #53)

A few months back we had to take Lana to her pediatric appointment to update her immunization since she was she was about to start a new daycare and she was only a few days away from hitting her 18-month-old birthday. I only had less than a week to get it taken care of before I start my new job. (Side note: I wish I took a longer break to get into “vacation mode.” That week was all rush and errands.) The clinic we usually go to for her appointments were booked for the month so I had to broaden my search and look for another clinic.

The clinic we went to is part of the same family but a few miles further but they had an appointment to see her the following day. When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was this huge display hanging above the lobby. It’s so bright and colorful like we were greeted with confetti or big baby mobile. Maybe for that moment we may have fooled Lana to think we walked into a children’s museum…until she sees a white coat.

PPAC #53

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