Have you heard of…

COVID pneumonia?

Have a seat. I won’t be serving coffee today. It’s too hot. Let’s have a milk and cookies kind of day because I picked up some fancy cookies because everyone I know has been raving about these cookies. Since these are BIG cookies, we’re going to be dividing it into smaller pieces like a cake. They’re all very heavy and rich.

Health Update:

So as most of you know, my husband is in Louisiana for a month for his annual reservist training. A week from when he arrived, he contracted COVID. Each day my husband reported to me his symptoms and how he was feeling. On day four from his positive COVID test, he said his headache was gone but he’s starting to get chest pains. He felt even if he tested negative on day five he would not be ready to return to training. I told him for the second time to go to the hospital to get checked and ask for an x-ray since he had pneumonia a little over a month ago. (Side note: I also had pneumonia that same time and I am scared of getting COVID because my experience with pneumonia was so bad.)

With the permission of the medics and other people (I really don’t know the pecking order), he went to the ER. X-rays confirmed he has COVID pneumonia. Since yesterday he’s been in isolation in the hospital and will stay there for at least five days. His stuff is already packed and it came along with him in isolation.

It’s not just him getting COVID there, but many other people at that training who’ve been infected too. Louisiana has a pretty low vaccination rate. Not meaning to vaccine push, but It made me think about the things in my life. I’ve gone to the gym, the grocery store, cafes, and restaurants without having to wear my mask though COVID is still present. The only place where I have to wear my mask is at work because I work at a health facility.

Speaking of vaccines, today I got my daughter vaccinated. I went forward with the Pfizer vaccine. Though it requires us to go to the clinic three times, the doses are smaller and I would assume the effects are less intense than the two-dose Moderna.

Loving lately…

The TV show UnReal. They ended their series back in 2018 I believe but as of yesterday you can stream it on Hulu. It centers around the producers work behind the scenes of a reality TV show similar to The Bachelor. I had no idea this is how reality TV is made; the emotions from the contestants are real all because the producers are doing all the provoking. The show does get really dark since the main character Rachel spirals down spiritually as she rises her way to become the showrunner. Sometimes it’s hard to watch. I prefer watching the other main character, Quinn, because of her character development. She starts off as your typical hard-talking executive, but *spoiler alert* she turns around.

I think I figured out my July plans

And here is a collage of things we did over the past weekend. I’ve complained how July is my least favorite month. July to me feels like a month full of canceled plans where I have to figure a work-around after work-around. Ideally, I would like to spend July traveling somewhere for two weeks but I just got a new job. To make the most of this July, I have decided on weekends to go explore different neighborhoods around LA since I can’t travel abroad anywhere. It’s so hot in my part of LA that the quickest way to cool off is to go explore another neighborhood for a few hours to escape the heat. I’ve always appreciated LA being diverse but I haven’t spent a lot of time in the various neighborhoods to see what they have to offer.

Last weekend was about going to playgrounds. We either went to an indoor playground or waited until evening to go to an outdoor playground. On Sunday, we went to Sawtelle, a neighborhood in West LA where there is a high concentration of Asian restaurants. I mainly went to enjoy the cool, breezy West LA weather.

For this week’s weekly botanical walk, I came across some interesting trees.

Those are some gnarly branches. They look kind of spooky.

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7 thoughts on “Have you heard of…”

  1. Your poor husband! I’ve had pneumonia (though not COVID pneumonia), and it was awful. I hope he feels better soon.

    Those cookies look amazing. I’m trying to resist the urge to lick my screen 🙂


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