Love is Everywhere #2 (PPAC #56)

For this week’s public art I thought to revisit “Love” by Ruben Rojas, but this time in a different part of Los  Angeles. The first time I came across Rojas’ work, it was this large mural at the Topanga Mall. Lately, I’ve been seeing more of the “love” motif in West Los Angeles. I like this painted mural by this cute macaron café in Santa Monica. They’re just as colorful as the cookies themselves. (Side note: I did not have any macarons. I guess I was not in the mood for sweets at the time.) 

Health update:

For the past few days, I had a terrible headache. The worst of it came on Monday night into Tuesday morning. My headache was so bad that whenever I got up from standing or laying down, I felt like I seeing stars. I felt like shutting my eyes tight was the only way to make this headache feel less painful. Originally on Tuesday, I was planning on taking my car to the shop before work and come into work closer to lunchtime. But because of this bad headache, I had to shift plans around and took a sick day. I dropped off my kid at daycare. I am so glad I chose a daycare closer to home. Then I checked into Urgent Care. Thankfully, my headache isn’t a result of anything neurological which was my biggest worry. It was just a very bad tension headache that came from stress. The doctor just told me to identify the stressors in my life and work on what I can control. She also prescribed me stronger ibuprofen but I had to really ask for it because she preferred I exercise more than reach for the ibuprofen. After Urgent Care, I took the ibuprofen and napped for a few hours and then I took my car to the shop. Then I ended the day with going to gym.

For the past couple of days, I’ve been putting more time into self-care. I’ve been going to the gym more and I am trying to go everyday (emphasize on trying). Each morning I wake up earlier to take my dogs out for a walk (which means also waking up my kid earlier so she can come along). But I have to admit also that my self-care has been going into “lazy” territory. I decided to eat takeout for dinner tonight because I did not want to wash any dishes and I’ve been putting off folding laundry.

PPAC #56

4 thoughts on “Love is Everywhere #2 (PPAC #56)”

  1. Julie, I’m glad you found lots of love in Los Angeles. It was just what the doctor ordered besides Ibuprofen. I don’t get headaches often but when I do, I’m often dehydrated. A hot bath, Excedrin for Migraines, and a hot bath usually take it away in about 15 -30 minutes. – if that helps.

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    1. I came across an interesting way to frame my burnout — overstimulation. It was best I winded down a bit. Unfortunately drinking a lot of water did not help me. I did take baths but it only went away temporarily.

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