Cold Food recap

…and now since my husband is home from training today on Tuesday, August 2nd, I feel like I have breathing room again. I felt like it all month was a cycle was a triathlon of dealing with my physical health, mental health, and caring for my young child and two dogs all month. Plus I’m still on a probation period at my job so I am determined to perform well.

Unfortunately, I did not experiment much on cold food this month. July was a hot month and playing with cold food would have been a great opportunity, but my focus for the month was figuring out what would make my kid eat… and dealing with the fact that she may not like and throw it on the floor… I did make the white gazpacho but she was not into that. She thought it looked like milk but she quikcly discovered it wasn’t milk.

Rather than experimenting with food this month, I just felt it was was easiest to just prepare eggs and rice for her. I do have to mention she does love all kinds of pasta, onion pancakes, cheese, and fruits. She recently started enjoying chicken and the occasional green smoothie which consists of banana, pineapples (or some other frozen fruit), yogurt, spinach, and water. So this month was not a total loss, I just expended my time and energy elsewhere.

Here are some cold dishes I’ve been playing with:

White gazpacho (ajo blanco) – I got this from Mimi Thorisson’s A Kitchen in France. I wanted to try another cold soup. When reading the recipe at first, the ingredients sounded weird — I mean you’re blending grapes, cucumbers, almonds, garlic, and olive oil. Once I tried the soup, it tasted very pleasant. Note: I did not blend in the bread. I preferred to have it as a side like crouton.

Charcuterie – Yes, for many evenings I had charcuterie for dinner. I grabbed whatever cheeses, vegetables, crackers, and cured meat i had in the kitchen and I called it dinner.

Lobster roll – I tried a lobster roll from the famous lobster truck roll. It’s meh…I don’t understand why it cost 20+ dollars. I recalled there was a time that lobter rolls were considered a poor person food like instant ramen noodles.

I was hoping for this month to do a wild card where I would go back and play with the ingredients and themes from the previous months because looking back since the beginning of the year, I had a lot of challenges. There was even a month where I did not really have much of a kitchen to play with food and I had pneumonia for a good while. I thought at the time, August would have been a good month to revisit some of my previous themes and go back to themes in September… but because I’ve got a lot going on, there won’t be a monthly theme for the time being. I’m not sure what barrier(s) the following month will bring me and weigh me down, but I thought it was best to not commit to a monthly theme for the time being… but I don’t want to stop sharing photos of food and reflecting on a recipe I tried. I still want to keep a food component on my blog. So for a while, I’ll just stick with month-end recaps of recipes I’ve made.

4 thoughts on “Cold Food recap”

  1. Love the charcuterie approach! Around here we usually call it, “scavenging in the kitchen,” but we aren’t very classy. It’s a perfect dinner for a hot day.

    I hope you don’t feel guilty about the lack of food experimentation. Sounds like you were essentially a single mom for a month, and that’s not easy.

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  2. I love a good charcuterie (although I didn’t know it was called that until recently!) and I’m with you about the lobster rolls – I think lobster is very over-rated and very over priced.

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