Venice Vibes (PPAC #58)

This mural I found in Venice Beach neighborhood captures the essence really well — it’s only missing the crowds on the mural. The Venice beach culture is the quintessential Southern California beach culture where you’ll find all the sterotypes of LA in one place; you have skateboarders, rollerbladers, entertainers, beach bums (err…bohemians?), influencers, film industry people (and those who are trying to make it), etc. You may have seen Venice Beach featured on Baywatch and I Love You Man and soon you’ll see it featured in the upcoming Barbie movie.

PPAC #58

2 thoughts on “Venice Vibes (PPAC #58)”

  1. Julie, this is a great mural. You are finding all kinds of gems in LA. I love your description of the quintessential beach culture. Would you classify yourself as any of the Venice Vibes?

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