Kobe #1 (PPAC #59)

Just like angel wings, murals honoring the late Kobe Bryant are ubiquitous.

This was found in the back of a clothing store off Reseda and Rayen St. I was going to a coffee place. When I parked, I immediately noticed the mural right next to the coffee shop.

PPAC #59

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5 thoughts on “Kobe #1 (PPAC #59)”

  1. Great mural. I had to read up on his history. His name and face are famous, but I didn’t know the particulars about him. He had a marvelous basketball record, of course. What a tragic ending to his life. Thanks for sharing Julie.

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    1. For as long as I lived in LA, I have not been a major basketball follower. What happened was incredibly tragic…plus the drama that followed. His wife is testifying against the LA County Sheriff’s Department because the sheriffs have been sharing graphic photos of Kobe Bryant and his daughter at the crash scene to random people. Hearing about that made me really sick — just because they got photos of a celebrity. It makes me think of the early HIPAA breaches at UCLA Medical Center when Britney Spears’ medical records were leaked or when Michael Jackson passed at the hospital. There is no peace being a celebrity.

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      1. It is sad for celebrities. Their fame is like a prison to them. Because they are in the public, photographers can grab quick photos of them wihout having to ask permission.


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