Let’s escargot around town (PPAC #60)

We’re going to Le Mans, France — home of the famous racetrack, Circuit de la Sarthe, which hosts the 24-hour auto race in every summer. It’s funny to find a sculpture of a giant snail in the center of town rather than say…racecars? In doing some digging, I learned this snail sculpture came from a group of artists called the Cracking Art Group. They create these large scaled animal sculptures made from brightly colored recyclable plastic. In the Cracking Art Group gallery, you’ll find they’ve made sculptures of birds, rabbits, wolves, cats, meerkats, etc. It’s all really cool!

We went to Le Mans in the wintertime. In a sea of grey, beige, and greige, the yellow snail brightened my winter days.

Tags: PPAC #60

4 thoughts on “Let’s escargot around town (PPAC #60)”

  1. Your yellow escargot made me smile, too. How could it not? I’m sure people are happier just seeing it there. Thanks for sharing it this week, Julie. I don’t have anything in my archives to top it. BTW, it fits Sunday Still perfectly this week, too. šŸ™‚

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