Vision boards for travel planning

Yesterday afternoon I was cleaning the deck and it now it looks good as new. I’ve been meaning to clean the deck for some time.

I’ll be honest, I actually cleaned most of the deck. So most of it does look nice. I did not clean that small part BIL occupies with his lawn chairs, sidetable, etc. It’s a mess and I don’t want to pick up after him. When he moves out I’ll clean that part of the deck too. I’ve given up asking him to help out long ago.

I’m not sure when BIL will move out. We thought he was going to move out in August. Last month I asked him, “So where are you going to go after August?” He replied “what?” I did not preface it with anything like “remember when you said…” Understandly he was caught off-guard. I clarified “aren’t you moving out in August?” My husband chimed in reminding him that’s what he said. He corrected us by saying that he only plans to stay at our house for no more than three years which makes it August 2023, not August 2022. I am embarassed to say this was bad math on our part or maybe because it already feels like more than three years. To add more to the shame, he mentioned he is very well aware that we find him a burden. It went something like, “I am sure you guys are looking forward to the day I get out of your hair.”

Travels plans

My friends and I are planning a week-long trip in October. Instead of going to Europe, we’re going domestic. I want to share with you the vision boards I put together to help plan the trip.

The first collage is the Sunbelt, a roadtrip from Albuquerque to Phoenix. We would see a lot of cool stuff, but it’s a lot of driving. I think we would have to be driving everyday to make this a weeklong trip. Or maybe we could consider taking Greyhound buses or a train?

The second collage is Atlanta and Savannah. I’ve never been to this part of America. I think this would be a slower pace trip with less driving. If choose to, we can explore other cities outside of Atlanta.

The third collage is Baltimore and Washington D.C. I’ve gone to Washington D.C. multiple times and I would like go to a Smithsonian I haven’t been before. I’ve been to the surrounding cities such as Baltimore and Richmond but that was only for a few hours. I would like to return to explore other parts of the Mid-Atlantic and squeeze in a National Park.

Putting these vision boards were a lot of fun. I am working on one for an upcoming Europe trip next summer with my husband and kid.

What am I loving lately?

I’ve enjoyed taking Zumba classes at the gym. It does not feel like exercise. It makes me feel like I am in a musical for 50 minutes. You don’t need to be a good dancer, you just have to move.

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8 thoughts on “Vision boards for travel planning”

  1. I recommend Savannah! It’s rich in history and Southern culture, and you should definitely go on a ghost tour! ATL and Savannah really aren’t that close, so you’ll still be doing quite a bit of driving. Also, ATL traffic is a nightmare, so be prepared for that!

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