A light show on the beach (PPAC #61)

I found a really, really old cellphone photo. In fact, this photo was taken from a flip phone back in 2008. I was in college and I could not afford an iPhone. I recalled going with my friends and our new neighbors who were in a summer program sponsored by the university. We went out to a free night light show in Santa Monica Beach called Glow. Unfortunately, it only ran for three summers. The first show being in 2008, the second being 2010, and the last one being 2013. I remembered at the time thinking I took a photo of the coolest thing I’ve seen — and it’s on my cellphone! The phone before that had no built-in camera so I believed the phone I had at the time was such an upgrade :-P.

Speaking of cellphones, my phone suddenly died yesterday around 10 AM. I was trying to see if there were any notifications from daycare or a text from husband but my phone wouldn’t turn on. Since I did not have a cable on-hand and my coworkers only had iPhones, I went to Target for lunch to get a cable. Nothing turned on. Then I returned the phone cable to Target to get a refund. After work, I took my phone to a cellphone repair place and the following day they told me that it is likely the motherboard has died. I’ve been without my phone for more than 24 hours. I plan to replace my phone during my lunch break. There’s a carrier down the street from my work.

Strangely I am in no hurry to replace my personal phone. I called my kid’s daycare, my parents, and friends to contact me on my work number just in case of an emergency. All my “fun” stuff like blogging, social media, chatting, and personal e-mails can wait until I get home from work. I would probably be more devastated if I lost my paper planner however…

PPAC #61

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7 thoughts on “A light show on the beach (PPAC #61)”

  1. Julie, I spent a little time on the Santa Monica beach. A friend of mine lives in an apartment right on the beach. Can you imagine? What a beautiful place. It was hard to capture pictures with the old cell phones, and harder still at night. I had trouble with my Canon camera getting night pictures, so good on you for trying!!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Night photos are a challenge. Putting a DSLR on manual mode takes night photos the best but there’s a bit of a learning curve. Maybe to practice on my night photography skills I do a daily photo challenge except I take photos at night :-P.

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      1. I agree there is a huge learning curve. It also helps to have a tripod or at least set your camera on something sturdy. I’ve taken a lot of blurry night shots.


  2. What an exciting find! It really wasn’t so long ago before the personal mobile, and yet, our lives have been so transformed by depending on one. I take my hat off to you for chilling over your phone replacement – breaks from routine can be liberating!

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