Spray-brushed murals (PPAC #67)

I was walking around the NoHo West shopping center and I came across this entire hallway of murals. The artistic style looks very similar to the mural in the parking garage in the same shopping center. It turns out it was painted by the same muralist, Kyle Boatwright. I just love the way he paints the faces — what’s impressive is that he uses spray paint to achieve a photo-realistic face. In contrast, I used spray paint when I was re-doing my dining table because it was faster than using a brush (haha).

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5 thoughts on “Spray-brushed murals (PPAC #67)”

  1. These are beautiful. The doors and vents hardly show. I love the faces and the graceful hands. The splashes of color give the murals a tiny bit of an abstract look. Great find, Julie.

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