Pops of pink (PPAC #70)

I know it’s a late post. Now that I have a kid, coming back to a normal routine after a vacation is quite a juggle. Before having a kid, I would be able to get back into a routine as soon as I returned from vacation or a business trip. Now looking back at that girl, I think she might be addicted to being busy. When I came back from my trip, I wanted to enjoy the pause, plan quietly my next thing, read, and watch the newest season of The Crown. I am forever a recovering busy-holic.

Anyways, this week’s public art will feature a mural in the Chinatown Houston area. This Chinatown is different from other Chinatowns I’ve seen because I did not see an arch anywhere. I only knew this stretch of Bellaire Boulevard was Chinatown because of all the restaurants, tea shops, and markets in the area. Also in comparison to other Chinatowns I’ve visited, Chinatown Houston is in a sprawled residential area as opposed to an enclave in a downtown.

I came across this large mural in the back of the building. The color scheme is quite unusual with all the yellow and pink. I was expecting red (as oppose to pink) to be incorporated, but I think it may look too intense and formal. Pink makes the mural look warm and welcoming where the focus is a family gathering.

PPAC #70

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