Galveston half-day trip recap

We did a day trip from Houston to Galveston. In retrospect, I think we should have gone to the space center first and then spent the afternoon and evening in Galveston. It rained the whole day wherever we went. My friends and I noticed people wearing high rainboots — I guess they must get a lot of rain and it must be really high. Thankfully, I was wearing my waterproof hiking boots that day. My hiking boots got a lot use during the trip even though we only went on one hike.

Lunch at Galveston

We only went out for lunch. We had fried gator bites, oysters, and gumbo at the Black Pearl Oyster Bar (327 23rd St, Galveston, TX 77550). It was my first time eating an alligator, it was like a cross between a tough chicken and a fish. 

Overall impression

A collection of buildings around Galveston. I thought the bookstore was really cute! The white building in the bottom right corner is Sacred Heart Church

Galveston is a pretty cute place with its colorful homes. We spent more time walking around Galveston’s historical downtown known as The Strand.

We did not do a lot there due to the rain. We passed by some interesting-looking historic homes like the Moody Mansion. We had no time to take a tour, but rather we admired the Romanesque architecture. Afterward, we spent the afternoon at the Johnson Space Center.

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7 thoughts on “Galveston half-day trip recap”

  1. Ever since I read a book series set in Galveston I’ve always had in my head that I’d like to visit and see it for myself. Too bad it was rainy the whole time you were there. I’m impressed you tried gator bites; I’m not sure I would have been open to that.

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    1. Ooh what is the name of the book series? I’d be interested to read it! If it wasn’t for the rain, I am sure Galveston would be more colorful. Eating gator bites was definitely out of my comfort — I haven’t had snails or frogs before either. I guess I’d eat it if the opportunity comes up but I’d still feel a little squirmy (haha).


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