Storyville latte art

Starting the New Year off with a vacation!

If we were having coffee we’d probably be sharing — yes, sharing! — this cup of coffee. This is an $11 latte — the most expensive cup of coffee I’ve ever purchased. They recommended the mocha, but I’d imagine it would be even more expensive. The barista explained that they make their own chocolate or something like that. There were no prices posted on menu so I was price-shocked when I was about to pay at the counter. Was this latte worth the price tag? Unfortunately, no. But the coffee shop was beautiful.

Storyville latte art

Currently we are in Seattle for a couple days visiting my husband’s extended family. This trip was almost three years in the making. Initially we wanted to visit his extended family back in December 2020 when Lana was a few weeks old. My husband wanted to rent this large van (I call it a bus) to fit in his five siblings, their kids, and their matriarch. We even extended the invite to our friends to join us and reward them a trophy for sticking around the entire trip. My husband put a hold on that van and we (my husband and I) planned the route. I even texted my other friends that I was going to stop by their towns and organized meetups. As December got closer, the plans fell apart due to low-to-no interest. We canceled that trip and thankfully no funds were lost. Phew.

We attempted a big group trip about three more times but again no interest. So my husband and I decided let’s plan a date to go. Why make it so complicated? Any tips on how to organize large distance trips? Comment below!

This trip has been a nice and relaxing. We booked our hotel in downtown Seattle. We spend our days exploring and sight-seeing by public transit or on foot. In the evenings we spend time with his extended family for dinner because that’s usually the time they finish work and/or they pick up their kids from school.

Though Seattle is known for its rain, it hasn’t rained that much. His cousin reminded me, the rain here is more like drizzles. In California, the rain there for the past week have been pouring buckets. In LA, it’s been raining since after Christmas to now. Because of the rain, I wait until the rain stops to walk the dogs. I don’t care if it’s 9 pm, as long as there is no rain they get their walk.

New Years Eve was relaxing. We went to the Discovery Cube to celebrate Noon Year’s Eve. The Discovery Cube is this interactive STEM educational center with exhibits on near our house. On New Year’s Eve they hosted a party in the late morning to early afternoon. Right before noon we do a countdown for the “New Year” and right then there’s a balloon drop. We all had a lot of fun. It was funny how we tricked a lot of people. People texted us “where are you? How is it the New Year now?” I enjoy the New Year’s festivities, but I don’t think Lana would be able to stay up until midnight so Noon Year’s Eve was a good fun alternative.

Pikes place mural

I do have a word of the year for 2023, but I’ll share more about it when I come back home. I decided my 2023 word of the year is “First.” I was a little hesitant to make it my word of the year because it sounded so bold but also it comes off as selfish. It also comes off as contradicting because I am mom and all my jobs have been in the business of serving others. I explored other contenders, but I felt as though those would hold me back and I won’t grow how I want.As they say, if your dreams don’t scare you, you’re not dreaming enough.

Side note: I did not bring my laptop for this trip. This entire post has been written on my phone.

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33 thoughts on “Starting the New Year off with a vacation!”

  1. Perhaps the coffee is so expensive in Seattle because it’s considered to be the home of coffee. I remember being there many years ago, and watching people heading off to work with their takeaway cups of coffee, and even their keep cups. This was unheard of in Australia at the time. Thankfully we have caught up and I’m now one of those people who need their coffee to get the day started. I think First is a fabulous word of the year and can imagine how it could show up in your life.

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    1. You know what that could be too plus they claimed roast their own beans and make their own almond milk and oat milk. I heard coffee culture in Australia is big. I love drinking flat whites! Also thank you for your support for the word of the year!


  2. Wow, $11 coffee, it’s got to be good, right? Or it might be $11 because of inflation? I’ve been to Seattle before though I never left the airport. It still counts, I think.
    My mom rented a large van and took the family on a week-long trip back in 2012. It was chaotic and not my way to do any sort of trip. I think it depends on the family but I feel like putting a large group of familiar people in a large vehicle, sooner or later, someone will crack. On that trip, that someone was me.

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    1. Well they claimed to roast their own beans and make the almond milk and oat milk — oh yeah they make their own chocolate too for the mocha. I’ve been to other coffee places and they were no where near the cost of that latte.

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  3. How fun with a trip to Seattle, it must have been five years since I last visited. I really like Seattle and the surrounding areas. I would like tos pend more time there at some point….even though the coffee was ridiculously expensive! The post turned out great even though you wrote it on your phone. I sometimes do that too, but it usually becomes shorter posts. Happy New Year!

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  4. Oh I hope you are having a great time on your trip! While I have been on one really huge family trip, I was only 6 at the time so no tips; sorry. My grandmother got my father, my sister, myself, my aunt, and her two sons to all drive down with her and her husband in their van to Florida/Disney with them towing a motor home and a few tents. I don’t remember much about the drive but we had a great time at Disney.

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  5. Julie, I’m so glad you got to Seattle finally after all that planning. I love it there – except for the constant drizzle. But green is the payoff. Funny, I was thinking about my MIL’s house there, and how different that my life would have been if my first husband and I had moved there like we once planned. Or even if I’d kept her house after she went into a nursing home. It’s hard to manage a home long-distance, so I thought it was best to sell it at the time. It was the right thing to do, but it was on my mind this morning as I woke up. I must have been getting prepped for reading your post. LOL

    Wow, $11 for coffee. Seattle is known for it’s coffee but I don’t think anything coffee could do would be worth $11. Of course, alcoholic drinks cost more than that and people don’t think anything about it. Vince makes the best coffee in the world, so it’s hard to get excited about even paying $5.

    Glad you had a good New Years. Have a great 2023!

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    1. Sometimes the best plans are less plans (haha). I think we come in with the intention that it’s going to be fun but it ends up being a headache. I did see a peek of sun during my visit but it was mostly grey the whole time. Ironically, it did not rain as much LA over the past week. I just came back home and it said it will be raining tomorrow.

      That’s wonderful you have a great barista. I need to start learning how to make the different coffee drinks, but I also do enjoy exploring coffee places when I get the chance.

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      1. You had to go out for coffee once while you were in Seattle, or you just hadn’t been to S. I’m glad you had a gray time! LOL Did I ever tell you my Greenlake Story?

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      2. Probably only in the comment section of someone’s random post like it will be here. It was January. I wore a long down coat, two pair of sweat pants and shirts, and was out for a walk around Greenlake on the path. On my journey was an older man, hard to judge age he was so wrinkled. He wore nothing but a bright red speedo which matched his leathery skin. He stood talking to a pretty woman with his leg propped up on a bench, resting his arm on his leg and his face cupped in his hand staring into her eyes in deep conversation. It’s a picture engrained in my mind that I never photographed. I laughed my way against the chilly wind all the way around the path to my car.


  6. I hope you had a wonderful time in Seattle in spite of the coffee price shock. I enjoyed my visit to Seattle a while ago. First is a great WOTY. Thank you for your coffee share and mural. Happy 2023!

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  7. Hi Julie,
    I did my undergrad work just across Lake Washington which put me just east of Seattle for those years. I would have been happy to stay there but work took me back to California and the Silicone Valley.
    It sounds like that coffee had to be in some place that placed an extreme value on the location because I can’t think of a cup of coffee with any array of contaminates that would make it worth $11. Were you at the top of the space needle or somewhere similar?
    Sounds like a great trip regardless. I’m glad the weather cooperated. I loved the weather up there – my wife on the other hand was born with the sun in her eyes and gray weather will never be appreciated by her.
    Count me as one of those who does only easy things when blogging by phone. My fingers need more that my screen can produce as a keyboard.

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    1. This coffee place was across the street from Pike’s Place Market but I don’t if that would greatly attribute to the price. It was also not visible street view because I had to follow a sign to the top floor to get to the coffee shop.
      I’ve entertained the idea of living in Seattle but I’m not too sure about the constant grey days.
      My secret to blogging on my phone is keyboard swiping. It’s not always perfect, but I could also review to edit later :-P.


    1. It was all made possible by swipe keyboard and several reads before pressing “publish.” I’ve actually taken the train from Portland to Seattle — it’s quite a nice ride!


  8. Hi Julie – kudos to you for writing a full blog post on your phone – I won’t even try it on a tablet… laptop is my only choice (probably because I’m “old”). It sounds like you enjoyed your time in Seattle (despite the ridiculously expensive coffee!) I’m a huge fan of just travelling with my husband and nobody else – less people to cater to and worry about and argue with!

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    1. If I could, I would choose laptop but I decided not take my laptop on vacation. My phone has a swipe keyboard which makes it easy to write longer passages. I tried with an iPad but it’s not as easy as I thought even though the keyboard is bigger than a smartphone. If iPads had a swipe keyboard, it would have been easier to write blog posts.

      I have an uncle who goes on vacation and each time they go on vacation, on social media I see he goes with big groups of people. I asked him for advice on how to organize large multi-family group trips and the twist is that he doesn’t. It always starts with him sharing that he is going on vacation to blahblahblah country with his wife and two kids and suddenly other families want to join on the trip too.


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