Seattle space needle

Seattle recap

Here I go: reflecting a January trip in February. We woke up very early to get to catch our 6 AM flight to Seattle. It was my first time flying with Lana. She did very well and slept the whole flight both ways.

Weather. Very grey. Not as wet as LA surprisingly. It is as though we left for Seattle to take a break from the rain. I heard the rain got really bad in LA that my administrator said it was optional to go into the office.

Accommodation. The Grand Sheraton. Our credit card had a sweet cash-back deal. There is of course a Starbucks cafĂ© in the hotel. I love how it is the middle of downtown close to all the tourist sites where we could get to places by foot and/or by public transit. It was also close to the light rail which runs all the way to the airport. The way we thought of it, we didn’t have to rent a car for this trip so it may have meant more money could have gone to a more central hotel.

Our hotel had a pretty nice collection of Chihuly glass in the lobby.

Favorite things to do in Seattle.

Aside from eating, there’s…

Admiring public art. I feel there was a lot of art everywhere we went.

Pikes place mural

Around Pike’s Place

Seattle Public art

In front of Seattle Art Museum

The Museum of Pop Culture building is art itself.

Seattle Space Needle…and don’t forget to explore the rest of park. There’s a multi-use area called the Armory where there’s a food court and a children’s museum downstairs. There’s a playground and few museums. If we had more time, we could have gone to a museum like the Pacific Science Center. Oh well…until next time.

Seattle space needle

Pike’s Place Central Market

Cross a bridge to take a photo of the Seattle skyline

Seattle sky line

A Personal Note

H’s cousin took us to this particular hill in Richmond Beach. A few months ago, H’s mom took his dad’s ashes up to Seattle to scatter his spirit around the Seattle sound. There, H’s is joined by his cousin’s dad, two of his great-uncles, and his great-aunt. H’s father passed away about four years ago and he has spent those years in San Diego and Orange County on the family altar. His final destination is Seattle, the first U.S. city they arrived to after leaving Vietnam.

H’s parents were not in Seattle for too long. They had a shorter stint in New Orleans and then they settled in San Diego from 1985 and on. According to H, he didn’t understand why his parents left Seattle for New Orleans and then moved out (south) west again. You would think one would ask…but that won’t be me…

Seattle Richmond

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