About Me


I’m Julie, the author/photographer of this blog. This is a space where I like to write and share my favorite things with a side of venting. I’ve been blogging for years and many people have told me how I write a lot of personal things in my blog, it’s either very brave or very stupid. What can I say… Everyone in my life is fair game to be on this blog because I find life to be incredibly unfair. Any unfairness I’ve encountered, I feel like I have the right to be angry and frustrated. Rather than holding it in, I purge it on my blog.

Aside from what I write in this blog, I am solo parent (as of 03/10/2023) to a two-year old daughter and two dogs. I lost my husband in a vehicle accident and I am navigating a new life while dealing with his dysfunctional family.

I also have a second blog, a side project called the Buoyancy Blog Project, a blog about resilience without the toxic positivity and empty platitudes.