About Me


Hi, All,

I’m Julie, the author/photographer/taster/crafter/DIY-er of this blog.

I am a self-confessed travel-holic, a health equity advocate, UCLA Bruin, CSUN Matador, Master of Public Administration graduate, full-time public servant, ice cream connoisseur, Pure Barre star, urban gardener, explorer, of course blogger. And last, but not least, a wife and mother of two dogs.


Phew. That was a lot of stuff which is why I titled this blog “Julie does stuff.”

Initially, I started off with a blog on all the different hikes I’ve done from last year’s 52 Hike Challenge and I did complete it┬ábefore the end of the year. I wanted to showcase the nature I never fully appreciated after living in Los Angeles for most of my life. I’ve lived here since I was six years old — I’m practically native. Aside from sharing different places I’ve hiked, I also shared places I’ve traveled, books I’ve read, and things I’ve cooked. Naturally, the blog morphed into a place where I share my favorite things.

This blog does not stand out…it really is just another Los Angeles blog. I blog because I like to write, I like to take photos and share them. I like to journal and chronicle all my favorite places, projects, and food. I feel blogging is timeless compared to the ever-so-trendy social media; I’m looking at you Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. With blogging, it’s an opportunity to create a space where you can share your thoughts more in-depth. Plus I love how in blogging, your photos come in higher quality because you’re not dealing with image compression (a la social media sites).

What have I been doing now?

A lot of time has elapsed since I wrote any post. I am in grad school while holding a full-time job. Scratch that. I finished school. Full time worker, part-time blogger.