I can only give this eulogy once

…so I will make the most of it!

Here is my eulogy. I needed to share not just the good things but also the struggles that made him who he was. Unfortunately, I don’t have a recording of reading the eulogy but I do have this draft below — I apologize for the typos. I highlighted certain sections in blue because I did consider omitting these parts in the eulogy. Gladly I did not omit anything when I went up to speak. My husband got the eulogy he deserved. Honestly omitting the “bad” parts would have done him a disservice for the sake of making a few people feel good about themselves.


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Taking care of you does not stop…

Trigger warning: Death, loss, and grief

Thank you all for the comments and support. They mean so much to me! I was hoping this week was going to be the week to respond to everyone and comment back. I’ve planning his funeral and this week was my first week back at work (more on that in a bit).

Here are my thoughts of the week:

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I think I’ll be busy for a while

Trigger warning: death, loss, grief

Also another warning: here’s a bunch of disparate thoughts.

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Where do we go from here on out?

Trigger warning: death, loss, grief

I’m not sure, to be honest. I’ve experienced a tragedy so deep that it’s breaking my heart. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever written.

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Seattle Food

Here are some of the foods we had in Seattle. I would say majority of the foods below are restaurants selected by H’s cousin. Shoutout to her for taking the week off to take us around town.

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Remember to breathe…

Currently, I am fighting a sinus infection. I am confident I know the culprit. It was my window. It’s been cold for the past few nights and my window has a tiny opening due to the window AC panels. The bottom of the AC panels leave this tiny gap enough to bring a draft into the bedroom. It’s been unusually cold in Los Angeles for the last few nights, some of the residents here think they may have woken up with Colorado overnight. Right now the simplest solution is to cover the entire window with blackout curtains so no more cold air goes in. We are not using the AC until maybe July.

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Here’s to a long rainy weekend

It wasn’t until Wednesday I learned there was going to be a winter storm in California. Is that why the air has been getting so cold? My coworker got a text from a friend who lives in Pasadena saying that it was hailing on her side in Los Angeles.

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Seattle recap

Here I go: reflecting a January trip in February. We woke up very early to get to catch our 6 AM flight to Seattle. It was my first time flying with Lana. She did very well and slept the whole flight both ways.

Weather. Very grey. Not as wet as LA surprisingly. It is as though we left for Seattle to take a break from the rain. I heard the rain got really bad in LA that my administrator said it was optional to go into the office.

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It looks like I found a new hobby…

I may have picked up a new hobby and that is reuniting lost dogs with their owners. There was that failed attempt during Christmas…only to learn the owner didn’t care about the dog anyways. That made me bitter. It confirmed my stance on how much I should care about things.

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How do you select your next read? (February 2023 reads)

After I am done with a book, I ask myself “what should I read next?”

This year, I am doing an A-Z challenge by the author’s first name. I started my year going in order where it was A for Alex Michaelades (The Silent Patient) and B for Brit Bennett (The Vanishing Half). Then it quickly went out of order. It jumped to E for Eve Rodsky (Find Your Unicorn Space: Reclaim Your Creative Life in a Too-Busy World) because I heard about this book on a podcast. Then afterward it was Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare. When I borrowed Spare from the library, I was on a very long waitlist. I think I was 2000th+ in line and I am not exaggerating. I did not mind the wait because I could read other authors from now until it was my turn, but then a few days later, I was able to borrow Spare. There goes my attempt in reading my next book in alphabetical order.

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“You’re a travel deals wizard, Julie” (Personal finance journey)

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser. This blog post is strictly for entertainment purposes.

When one of our couple friends was getting married, they were trying to put together plans for a honeymoon in Europe. My husband said something like, “You should ask Julie. I don’t know how she comes across these flight deals. One time, she booked a roundtrip flight from LAX to Rome for $250 per person.”

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