Kiddos Creamery

Top flavor, Matcha – The best green tea flavor I’ve had in a while!

Bottom flavor, Mozarella – I thought there was going to be mozarella cheese in this ice cream. I was wrong. Some of these flavors are based off of Tokidoki characters like Mozarella and Latte. The mozarella  flavor reminded me of stracciatella with chunkier chocolate pieces.

Kiddos Creamery
818 N Pacific Ave
Ste J
Glendale, CA 91203

Week 2: Little known travel tips

On this week’s Travel Blogging Challenge, I’ll be sharing a few travel tips I have come up with on my own based on my own experiences so here is what I’ve learned so far.

Tip 1. When packing, roll up your clothes. It takes up less space

Tip 2. On on the days when I am flying, I dress lightly for airport security. The term “dressing lightly” can mean different things to different people.

For me, my definition of dressing lightly is wearig things like workout clothes or lounge wear — especially if it’s an overnight flight. I want to be comfortable and sleep during these long flights.

I also dress “lightly” even if I am going somewhere on a one-day work trip. I want to keep my attire simple and avoid changing when I arrive. I always think slacks, blouse, and flats (or maybe a little a heel). Depending on the weather, I wear either a cardigan or a sports coat.

Tip 3. It is preferable get to the airport earlier when you can.

I hate coming the airport frazzled. I’m getting older, I’m not as nimble as I use to be. I want to enjoy that time to find some food (Peet’s Tea and Coffee is my go-to) and read a good book to rewind.

Tip 4. When planning for your trip, write your wishlist. It helps you plan better — especially when you are planning trips to countries because “the tickets were cheap.”

For examples, last year we went to Costa Rica because Southwest was having a sale and they were starting to do international flights. I was having that itch to go somewhere out of the U.S. so I bought tickets to fly to Costa Rica. At the time of planning I never really looked into Costa Rica but I heard nothing but good things from friends who went. So based on my “research” of asking around and going through Lonely Planet 1000 Ultimate Experiences, I decided activities like ziplining and going to the cloud forest needed to be on the itinerary.4xM8IpYECON8tuNmYserGHuX8pPsIbJ2tS-sv6zMOhMeJxFPc

Monteverde Cloud Forest


Costa Rica, 2015 

Tip 5. I think this is applicable to city centers but when exploring the take public transit, go by foot — it forces you to be closer to the ground. It makes you explore things you otherwise won’t see when driving around in a car.

What are your own travel tips?

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Hike 23/52 Porter Ranch Trails #3

Date: June 11th
Neighborhood: Porter Ranch
Difficulty: 2 out of 5
Weather: Cloudy, breezy, overall perfect June gloom weather
Distance: 2.2 miles


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5 things

A quick post on 5 thoughts at the moment. I see this post as opportunity to reflect on the week. I try to make this post a regular on a Friday or Saturday — it depends how tired I am.

The Victorian at Santa Monica

  1. I love Jessica Chastain’s call to action to see more authentic female characters on film. What made her call so powerful was you can hear the slight fear in her voice as speaks up thinking to herself “is it ok for me to say this” and carefully crafting her words — something I encounter all the time at work and at life.
  2. Using my TAP card to take public transit to work or to other places. Ever since I got back from vacation, I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to use my car less. Portland and Seattle don’t have perfect public transit either. It took a little bit of research how to get around and the same applies to Los Angeles. So far this week, I have been car free 4 times. I’ll share more details in another post which will include mileage and greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. This leads me to the next thing:  Greenhouse emissions fall for another year in California. It’s equivalent to removing 300,000 cars from the road. Way to go! 
  4. The Comey Trial on Thursday was exciting to watch (see full transcript here). It started at 7 AM in California; I watched via Facebook Live on my phone and took my time listening to it on my way to work. Man, no wonder why employers canceled their meetings and broke out the popcorn in the employee lounge. Though this is CSPAN’s Superbowl show, it left a lot of questions unanswered and will be answered in the closed session. It was like we got the clean version of a rap song. Closed session version to reveal all the answers.
  5. Not having to look at a computer screen of every minute of every hour at work. My job is typically sedentary because it’s an office setting. I need to make an effort to stay away from my desk every once in a while.  Maybe I should step away after every meeting or conference call or when the little voice in my head tells me to do so. I am trying to fight burn out and promote wellbeing every step of the way. I am also coaching my husband to do the same. For examples, yesterday I went to the Bay Area for a business trip for the day. I’m glad my husband works around the corner from the airport so he can pick me up when I land when I come home from these trips. Well, my husband started work at 7 AM and I didn’t expect him to stick around work to pick me up at 7 PM when I landed. In fact,  I recommended him to just do his 8 hours for the day, drive home, take care of the puppies, rest, and come back when I land in the airport. Yes, it’s a little bit of back-and-forth driving albeit our house is not very far from the airport, but I felt it was more important for my husband to get some rest rather than stay until I land. Because who know… what if my plane lands late? Also, I can always find ways to go home whether it is by Lyft, bus, or train.

Photo outakes and lessons learned from the Oregon and Washington trip

Warning this is a picture heavy post. These are photos I haven’t gotten a chance to post and some lessons I learned from my trip.

Nick Grimm House
Saw Nick’s house from Grimm at Portland!

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Seattle Underground Tour

The Seattle Underground is a network of underground passageways and basements in downtown Seattle. The Seattle Underground was the original ground level at the city’s origin in the mid-19th century. Our friend recommended as one of the things to do when in Seattle. In fact our friend recommended LOTS of things to do in Seattle. He stayed there for a summer in college and out of all the things he recommended, we pursued going to the Underground Tour because it was one of the more unique things to do.

The tour was funny and informational about Seattle’s history from a town being with sidewalks cover in…well…I don’t want to spoil anything for you. Overall, I highly recomend the tour. I spoke to my husband’s Seattle-native cousin about the tour and she had no idea about its history.

100+ year old saloon and bathroom.


There is a little bit of walking and climbing up the stairs to present Seattle and down the stairs seeing Seattle from the past.

Old Seattle street signs and sidewalks.


When walking around present-day Pioneer Square, you’ll notice the purple glass tiles on the sidewalk. From the underground, this is what it looks like.

Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour
614 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

Portland Japanese Garden

611 SW Kingston Ave
Portland, OR 9720


Warning: This post is picture heavy but well worth it ūüôā

The Japanese Garden at Portland may be small. It took us about an hour exploring the garden, but it was LUSH full of green plants and beauty. Seeing it in person was unreal and fairy-tale like.

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Hike 22/52 Biking Portland

Date: May 30th
Neighborhood: All over Portland
Difficulty: 2 out of 5
Weather: Misty
Distance: About 12 miles


For a few dollars, you can rent a bike for a day to explore Portland. You can bike a few miles to get to the next neighborhood, drop it off at the nearest bike share pod, borrow again when you choose, and repeat.

I learned Portland is a fairly small city compared to Los Angeles — in fact smaller than San Fernando Valley. Portland has 145 square miles, Los Angeles has 503 square miles, and San Fernando Valley has 260 square miles — wow it takes up more than half of Los Angeles! Due to Portland’s fairly smaller size, its sights were more compact which makes it definitely more bikeable.

Also, it made me think I should bike a little bit more at home. If it’s within a 5 mile radius, I should bike there. I’ll let you know how that experiment goes.

Anyways on to biking…

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Oregon Zoo

After the Memorial Day ceremony at Willamette National Cemetary, we went to the other side of Portland¬†to the zoo. Veterans get free admission that day. It’s a fairly small zoo (compared to San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park) — but it’s beautiful and full of lovely greenery.

Below are some of my favorite snaps of the zoo:

Otter is on the left and the seal is on the right.


4001 Southwest Canyon Road
Portland, OR 97221

Special Announcement and off-topic: I finished my FAFSA for grad school. When I attended the open house for the Masters Program last month, they suggested to finish the FAFSA before applying to the program. The idea was a little weird because when I was doing undergrad, I filled out a FAFSA after I got accepted to a university reporting. Maybe the school process is a little difference since this is a program is geared towards working professionals(?) who will continue to work during the academic year. Anyways to me, this is a big step. Before vacation, I was on the edge of burning out. What prevented me from really burning out was putting certain things aside such as doing my grad school stuff or instead of cooking dinner, I order food

Week 1 of the Travel Blogging Challenge

Winta from Wandering Outside the Box¬†is hosting a multi-week blog challenge with weekly prompts around the theme of travel. The wonderful thing about it is you don’t need to be a travel blogger nor have traveled to so many countries. Maybe you’ve got lots of stories around your hometown, home state, home country.

For me, it’s a wonderful excuse to go through my vault (known as my photobucket and Facebook account) to look at old photos, share, and reflect. ¬†Also I look forward to connecting with other bloggers and reading their stories too.

Week 1: Your favorite travel photo of you and intro
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Blue Star Donuts in Portland

3753 N Mississippi Ave
Portland, OR 97227

Brace yourself, I’ll be binge-posting a few more things from our vacation. I think Blue Star Donuts deserves a post of its own. They’re delicious not-too-sweet brioche donuts and I am glad they have a spot in Venice Beach so I don’t need a plane ticket to go to Blue Star Donuts. I still think it is quite a trek from house. It would be even nicer if Blue Star Donuts opened up in the Valley — maybe in Sherman Oaks? It would be within my cycling radius ;-).
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June Goals, May Reflections

Greetings, I just came back from my trip from the Oregon and Washington. It was a lot of fun to just get away from LA. It’s now June so that means it’s time to share some goals

But first let’s recap goals from May.
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