It is worth this many years of birthday and Christmas presents!

There’s a sickness going around and it’s been crazy. I’ve been under the weather…not quite sick but close to it. The past week when H was sick, he didn’t want to leave the house. The one and only time he went out when he was sick was when I drove him to Urgent Care. He felt really car sick during the short drive.

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The Cat and Rabbit

It’s been getting very cold over the last few days. We don’t have central heating, we have a gas heater that heats up the house okay and space heaters in the room. Oh, old house problems.

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Unicorn, unicorn, unicorn!

Happy Weekend everyone! It’s been raining so hard this past week. The good out of it is that there are mushrooms growing in my front yard. Our front yard has very nutrient-poor soil that nothing grew. For years I’ve been rehabilitating the soil and have been slowly growing things. Mushrooms tell me that we have achieved healthy soil status. I just now have to remove the mushrooms so the dogs don’t accidentally eat them.

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Starting the New Year off with a vacation!

If we were having coffee we’d probably be sharing — yes, sharing! — this cup of coffee. This is an $11 latte — the most expensive cup of coffee I’ve ever purchased. They recommended the mocha, but I’d imagine it would be even more expensive. The barista explained that they make their own chocolate or something like that. There were no prices posted on menu so I was price-shocked when I was about to pay at the counter. Was this latte worth the price tag? Unfortunately, no. But the coffee shop was beautiful.

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Approaching the new year

2022 is the year is I started a new job that is closer to home and revived a lot of my interests in travel, writing, home decor, and reading. I came across an open casting opportunity to act in a play. I believe I fit the description for the character, but it requires me to sing. I know I am not a good singer, but I should submit my I-did-it-myself headshot to see how far I’ll go.

2022 also did come with its challenges which made it less great. They weren’t “fun” challenges like auditioning for a play, they were more like challenges that tested my moral compass and my resilience. I feel because of that, I became more cynical. It almost feels like a villain origin story.

Even though I am a firm believer in changing your life at any time of the year, New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. I like the feeling of newness and hope all around that one day. Also, I like how it’s the most laid-back holiday of the season — you could dress up because you’re dining out or watching a show, you could dress down and stay at home, or you could dress up and enjoy pizza at home. I don’t see a wrong way of celebrating except getting pulled over for a DUI.

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Favorite books of 2022

This year I decided to tackle my never-ending TBR list plus the books that have been hanging out on my shelf. This year I read 49 books and I only broke my rule twice because I could not resist reading the latest celebrity memoir.

Next year, I will be doing an A-Z challenge going by the author’s first names. I already have a reading list ready for next year and most of the books are from my still long TBR list.¬†There were some that required a little bit of research like authors whose first name starts with the letter X. I intend to do another “Summer Escape Reads” from June to August.¬† I came across other reading challenges for anyone else who wants to add a dash of fun in searching for their next read.

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Approaching the four-day weekend…

…by ending my stubborn cold! My eyes have been really watery too. I’ve been diligent in taking my cold medication just to be better in time for Christmas. I am aware there is no weekend coffee share, but I thought I’d do a quick and extemporaneous update. I gave myself 25 minutes to write this post.

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The Little things

Last week I lamented how self-care is hard but I also did want to touch light on the small easy things that invigorated me over the past year. Again, I still don’t consider it self-care but I did not mean that they were too small to make a difference because they do feel good. So here are the “little things” that invigorated me:

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Self-Care is hard

So far my 25 minutes per day of writing has been going well. I’ve been writing during my lunch breaks. Since we are about done for the term at work, I don’t find myself working through my lunch breaks playing catch-up.

Created another savings account

I started creating a savings account for charities and donations. I decided to do an auto-save where I set aside some money to help contribute to causes. This past week I bought some toys for my friend’s homeless project. She’s been doing this for years where she makes gift baskets of comfort items and hygiene products for the homeless. I would like contribute to other causes more often. Ideally I would like volunteer my time, but I think for now contributing through donations is within my bandwidth. Having some money set aside for charities and donations won’t catch me off-guard when a relative is asking me buy something from their kid’s fundraising catalog for marching band because I’ll always have something to give.

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Winding down for the year

It’s December already. For some reason, I feel excited that we are in the last month of the year. Maybe because I work at a university, I feel the mood is winding down because the term is ending. Decembers in my last job at the hospital would feel like a rush because we would scramble around looking for volunteers to help with patient services, help out with special events, decorate, etc. But since a lot of volunteers are students they’re either back home in their home state (or country) or on vacation so we’d always run short of help.

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The Long Thanksgiving weekend

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was pretty simple. We just had it at my parents’ house. They live about 30 minutes away. I did not prepare anything fancy, I just got frozen appetizers from Trader Joe’s and I baked them when I got to my parents’ house. There were these fried goat cheese balls I wanted to make but I’ll try it another time. I don’t want my first attempt in fried cheese goat balls to be on Thanksgiving Day.

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Friendsgiving 2022

Call me crazy but I just finished hosting Friendsgiving and I just started working on my Weekend Coffee Share.

And yes, of course you are invited to the Friendsgiving Festivities. Do not worry, it’s not going to run late since most of us have work tomorrow morning. It’s a pretty simple setup of just friendly chatter and gossip. I apologize it’s not as elaborate in years before. I am little rusty on party hosting skills. I encouraged everyone to arrive after 3 pm because we had Lana’s dance class at 1pm. Afterwards, I had to pick up cake because it also happens to a friend’s birthday so we are making it a double celebration. Also I knew when I got home, I wanted to take a short nap before everyone arrived. I love the art of gathering, but I forget how tiring this season can be.

The next project I am excited to work on is decorating for Christmas. For years I keep talking about decorating the house but we never get around to it. I also enjoy going out to enjoy the decorations at the mall, the neighborhoods, events, etc. We still don’t have the space to decorate in the living area, but we could decorate outside at our entrance. If you decorate for Christmas (or any other holiday), how long does it take to decorate?