Art can change a neighborhood (PPAC #46)

Please excuse me, I am recovering from a cold. I don’t have COVID, I took the test first thing when I woke up. Maybe it’s the drastic change in weather.

I want to revisit more murals at Plaza del Valle, a bazaar in my neighborhood. I honestly believe art can change a neighborhood for the better. For a long time, my neighborhood has been overlooked. “Better” businesses would pass this neighborhood over and make shop in “nicer” and “trendier” neighborhoods though we have many vacant places. Maybe the local art scene will give my neighborhood the attention it finally deserves.

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Flowers for a grey day (PPAC #45)

It’s that time again where I feature public art from some part of the world outside of Los Angeles. I first came across Jeff Koons’ bouquet statue a few years ago in the Broad Museum in downtown LA. While vacationing in February 2020, I saw the bouquet of tulips again but this time in Paris. The statue in Paris includes a large hand, whlie in

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Happy Bunny (PPAC #44)

I’m not a big fan of the “Good Vibes Only” sign. It screams toxic positivity like you are not allowed to complain and express your real emotions.

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The Island of Elephants (PPAC #43)

I think this mural has made its way to my top five favorite public art pieces. I can’t believe I can find this within walking distance to my home. This mural can also be found in Plaza Del Valle. I was drawn by how whimsical and magical it looked with the clouds and the elephants greeting visitors to the island. There’s even a unicorn! When I reviewed the photo, it took me a moment to realize the vases are also painted — it fooled me!

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Wings #3 (PPAC #42)

This past weekend, I walked dogs and my kid around the neighborhood. There’s this one part in our neighborhood called Plaza del Valle. From the outside or if you’re driving by, it looks like a regular strip mall. But if you stop and explore, you’ll find loads of vendors and bright murals. You’ll find more photos of my streetart walk that day on my Instagram. I could have taken more photos but people were standing in front of it. Maybe I’ll return on a less crowded day like a Tuesday or Wednesday. Or maybe on an early morning before heading to work.

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Feels like Spring (PPAC #41)

This is an old photo from a visit to the Central Library in downtown Los Angeles. I wish I made more visits because there was a lot of fun art. I love how they decorated the pendant lamps with birds and spring flowers.

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Daddies Tomato Ketchup (PPAC #40)

First of all, I can’t believe this photo is ten years old.

This was from a trip to New York City. I spent a week there with my college friend who arrived from the Bay Area. We explored the sites, walked through parks, and eat at a bunch of restaurants. In the middle of this New York City Hall Park, you would find this jumbo inflatable ketchup. It was so goofy, and of course, I could not help but take a photo of it. It reminded me of the style of Pop Art a la Andy Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup Cans.”

And yes, Mocha makes a cameo.

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Spilled ink (PPAC #39)

I wonder if this was an accident. It’s so random, yet so lovely.

Spilled ink found at a parking meter in front Alfred Coffee Studio City
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PPAC #37 Would you like some tea?

You can find this fun, quirky mural on the side of TEAPOP in North Hollywood (Vineland and Ostego).

I enjoy their cold brew and milk tea blend. This franken-drink sounds so weird but it’s so good. Their loose-leaf teas look pretty and I’d love to buy some for my pantry. Maybe I’ll buy some later for the warmer months for some iced tea.

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Flying dogs (PPAC #36)

What a whimsical piece of art — a painting of dogs flying in the sky on a utility box. I found this in the Toluca Lake neighborhood off Riverside Drive and Evergreen. This was from one of my morning walks last week after having a bagel at Hank’s.

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Mosaics in Little Italy, San Diego (PPAC #35)

I never noticed how much public art was in San Diego until recently. My family and I stayed in San Diego for the weekend for my cousin’s wedding. Usually when we go to San Diego, we would stay in my SIL’s way out of downtown San Diego. I love to explore places, but getting anyone to go anywhere with me was like pulling teeth. I get it, we already drove so far–why drive any further.

For this trip, we got a hotel in a neighborhood called Little Italy. I came across a multi-panel mural that covered the history of Little Italy, but I did not get a chance to finish taking photos as we were heading back to the hotel to get ready for my cousin’s wedding. I guess that means we shall set another trip to Little Italy *wink*? There just so much art in this neighborhood! I decided for this week to stick with some tile art or mosaics, I came across on my walk.

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An ever-changing wall? (PPAC #34)

I pass this collection of small sculptures everyday to work. I am not quite sure what these mean and what each piece represents…I noticed it’s a little different now. Here’s the original photo for reference. Maybe they had to shift some of the sculptures because of the construction (note the excavator in the background)? Also, I had to crop out the construction barrier on the right of the photo.

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