Eat around the World: Food you would bring to a feast

Happy November 1st! This time of the year is my favorite time of the year food-wise. It’s a time where I go through a kitchen experiment kick from October to December. I get to experiment with different recipes I’ve been eye-balling all year around. I don’t know why I wait until the end of the year to play in the kitchen. I guess maybe I have a reason to make different dishes at the end of the year — we have Halloween, Thanksgiving with family, Thanksgiving with friends, Thanksgiving at work, tree trimming party at work, White Elephant Party, New Year’s Eve party with friends, etc. Side note: Now because I have a food series on my blog, I think I’ll get to play with food all year around.

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Pin(terest) Wins!

Pinterest is awesome, but it can also drive me nuts!

On my Pinterest page you’ll find I have a Pinterest board for everything from outfits, hiking, travel, books, productivity, drinks, cooking, home decorating — there are so many possibilities. Pinterest has been a wonderful way to get inspired and exchange ideas across the internet once you get past the ugly fact that that dream wedding or bathroom you saw on Pinterest is a staged photoshoot. Also realize that the model wearing that outfit you were eye-ing is not a real person (unless you are 5’10 and 120 lbs). I tell myself these pins are only aspirations, not expectations.

Then there’s the other ugly part: Pinterest can also be a big mess. Some people may not anticipate projects require a bit of work and you willing to invest in some time. If you do not have those intentions when approaching a project, that’s when Pinterest fails come in. I’ve had my fair share of projects from Pinterest that got awful. I attempted yarn balls — the results were pretty good but it was a messy, messy project using A LOT of glue resulting in glue everywhere in my apartment. So I moved on. It was not the project for me.

However once in a while, I do find myself with pin wins:


A rose apple pie I make in the fall (the original). Yes, this is a dish I make regularly. I’ve done both fresh and baked apples and they come out wonderful. I am looking into other twists — maybe add berries or more crumbles just to twist things up.

pinecone cheese ball almonds

A pinecone cheese ball (original). I made this last year for my work’s tree trimming party. The theme was pinecones and my coworker wanted to see someone make a dish like the original pin she saw. I took up on this challenge. I included the pine sprigs like in the original and I added my own touch for color by adding persimmon chips. I also baked the the persimmon chips too.

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