Rectangle Art (PPAC #18)

I regret to have never taken an art history class in my life. I had to do some research and I would describe this style of art as Modern and De Stijl (“The Style” in Dutch). I guess 16 to 21 year old me feared I would have liked it so much I would consider majoring it. Then I would have to deal with my parents asking me “what kind of job would you get with an Art History degree (or any other humanities or fine arts concentration)?” 16 to 21 year me found this conversation agonizing and I avoided it every way I could.

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Neighborhood Art Walk

Last week on a Friday night, our neighborhood city center went from unlively, pedestrian plaza to a night full of light sculptures, live art exhibits, and concerts.

I go to the Van Nuys City Center regularly. After hours and weekends, the plaza is bare and not a place to people-watch and do photoshoots, which is a far constrast  from Pasadena City Hall–30 minutes across town. I don’t think our city hall will ever be as pretty as Pasadena’s, but it’s got so much room for cultural events. It’s just that nobody was using it until last Friday night.



It was a wonderful turn out. I hope Van Nuys gets more events like these. Bonus points for me and my dogs to not travel across L.A.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian 

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