Week 3: Funny Travel Story…More Like Funny Posters…

Week 3: Funny travel story

Last week’s prompt was more wordy so for this week, I’ll share more photos. Actually more like some photos of funny signs and posters I’ve come across from my travels:

Cambodia, 2012. On a bus trip from Siem Riep to Phnom Penh. I understand eating durian in the bus, but rice?

Cambodia, 2012. Found this poster in a bar at Sihaunookville.


Thailand 2012. A cab ride in Bangkok. Normally I don’t take cab rides anywhere because they’re expensive and I anticipate there is a likely chance I’ll over pay. I was with a friend who is local and lives in Bangkok and let him do all the talking. For me, I noticed this sign. See? No durian allowed. Plus no fire arms, no alcohol, no goats, no dogs, and don’t have sex and smoke cigarettes in the taxi!

Most recently, a “covfefe” sign in Seattle.

I had a story about last year’s camping trip, but I feel it qualifies for next week in “Travel Misadventures” where we inadvertently went “glamping” — or at least this is our definition of “glamping”. Also, this is what happens when you don’t wake up early for the first come, first serve camp sites (har har).

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