Eat around the World: Ring-shaped food (recap)

I think I was just being funny when I decided February’s theme would be around foods shaped like rings. Valentine’s Day is in February, so there are engagement rings. And the Olympics happened this month, so there are the Olympic rings. I think I was just being goofy at the time. But I have to say, I had a lot of fun than I expected exploring this shape. I did have bagels, but I did not find any true ring-shaped ones. Or maybe these bagels were so big, it was no longer ring-like. I did not get a chance to make any ring-shaped food since my donut mold was in a box as my kitchen cabinet had to stay empty for the majority of the month.

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Five Things Friday: No Spanx needed!

Five Things Friday is a post where I share five things that either made my week, what I am thinking about, or would like to share with all of you!

Survived our housewarmings My favorite part is that I had an excuse to try a bunch of different recipes. The big hit was the sourdough focaccia bread. It was very easy to make. In second place was the Green Goddess dressing.

Blackout podcast I’m only one episode in so it is hard to judge right now. I’m usually a news and investigative journalism type of podcast listener.

No Spanx needed! It is probably the best feeling ever. I guess this is what happens when you do intermittent fasting and exercise regularly. I’ve been going to barre four times per week this month which is a real accomplishment. When we had to move out for a few weeks during our remodel, I barely went to barre because it was too far away from the place where we were staying. It was almost a miracle to go even one time per week at that time.I did not want to commit to another membership elsewhere if our stay was going to be temporary.

Overdrive app There are times where I am tempted to buy a book, but then there is the Overdrive app which helps make curbing my spending possible. Thank you, Overdrive for helping me save money. As much as I would like to go to the library to pick up a book, there are times where I come to find that the book is not available in my neighborhood library. Plus I don’t have to worry about forgetting to return the book and pay those library fines! Finished my first book of the year! I finished my first book of the year. It’s Darcy Bell’s A Simple Favor. It seemed to have some sort of slapstick quality to it. I assume the movie is like this too…