Simple tomato dishes

As I mentioned for this month’s “Eat around the World” challenge it will be mostly home cook meals from me. A lot of the recipes are simple and friendly for the busy person. Basically it takes less than 30 minutes to make a meal. Here’s what I’ve made incorporating tomatoes so far:

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Week 3 of the $40 weekly grocery budget

We are entering into Week 3 of the $40 grocery budget.

At first, I thought to come up with some exceptions like a bag of rice would not count towards our budget because my husband likes the pricier rice brand. I guess it tastes better? For me, I do not eat rice as much as my husband. When lived by myself a small three-pound bag of rice was enough. Plus it was below my $20 weekly budget.

Yesterday, I told my husband to get some rice and we had $12 left in our grocery budget. Surprisingly he bought a 25-lb bag of rice for less than $12. It looks like my husband is trying to make this budget work.

So what I’ve learned from having a small grocery budget?

  • It’s doable despite what the naysayers think. I’ve made an entire week’s worth of meals in a week.
  • I’ve become more creative, plus it’s fun to do.
  • Less impulsive purchases!
  • …and importantly, my fridge is cleaner — there’s less food waste and food going bad.

Back to budgeting

At 22, I was a young professional working in an entry-level job at a biotech company in San Diego. The pay was not that great. My expenses were rent, student loan debt, other debt, paying for groceries, and utilities. I did not have a car at the time. I lived in San Diego, a very car-dependent city. For convenience sake, I lived walking distance from work but the rent in my neighborhood was fairly high.

I had a blog and in it, I had a blog series around my $20/week grocery budget. When I first brought it up to people, some were intrigued. Others said it was impossible or that I don’t eat much anyways. Then some told me about 99 cent TV microwaveable TV dinners. Ugh.  All thanks to a supportive blogging community, spending $20/week on groceries is possible. It did not involve TV dinners at all, instead, it involved creativity. I knew a bag of spinach could feed me through breakfast (green smoothies) to dinner (salad). A tub of Greek yogurt could be a filling breakfast or a healthy dessert. 

With that being said, we are launching our $40/week grocery budget. Why $40 this time? I’m married now which means $20 for me and $20 for my husband. Plus we’ve got a lot of financial things we need to take care of such as remodeling the house and paying our student loans (my husband’s bachelor’s, my Master’s degree). Let’s give it a go… I’ll try my best to journal this personal finance journey if time permits…