Fruit gummies, candied plantains and seeds

I think my tastes in candy have changed as I got older. I would prefer if the candy is not so sweet. I guess my preference is leaning toward candied nuts, chocolate, licorice, and some gummies. I also prefer dry fruit to a Snickers bar. Yes, some people may debate over this, but I think dried fruit is a candy too. I’ve seen tamarind and dates candi-fied.

But once in a while, I do fall into days where I eat Milky Way bars if I’m craving something sweet in the afternoon. But then I crash about an hour after eating that Milky way. Note to self: keep some dried fruit in my drawer.

Anyways here’s some candies I’ve been picking up this past month.

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Candy around the world (A Virtual trick-or-treat!)

This month’s theme for “Eat Around the World” will be candy. I chose candy because it’s October and I immediately think of trick-or-treating. It’s an annual Halloween tradition in the U.S. where children in costumes go around the neighborhood ringing door-to-door saying “trick-or-treat” asking for treats. Usually treats come in the form of candy. One year I received a toothbrush and another year I receive an apple — those homes quickly became the least popular places to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood.

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