Week 19: Travel Confessions

Week 19: Confessions

For this post, I’ll list out a few travel confessions I am guilty of.

  1. Sometimes I check my work e-mail during my vacation – Despite before my vacation I create an out-of-office reply, I check my e-mail and sometimes I *shudders* reply. When I was in Seattle in May, I kept checking e-mail on my phone until I was locked out. I took it as a sign I should stop looking at my work phone and enjoy my vacation, and going forward all my vacations. The last day of PTO was last week and I kept getting e-mails on a whereabouts for a projector during my day off. Gladly, I saw that e-mail when I came back to the office. It was a complete non-emergency — other departments have projectors available for loan.
  2. I bring along a teddy bear for my travels – Yup, I bring a teddy bear around my travels. You’ll find more about Mocha, the travelling bear, for week 6 in the travel challenge. When we have kids, I hope they’ll find Mocha a wonderful gift. Psst…Vikki from Journey Through the Trees hosted Mocha in Montenegro for a week!
  3. I’ve been pickpocketed once – I’ve been pickpocketed in Cinque Terre. It was one of the most embarassing things that has happened to me.
  4. If we could, we would love to bring our dogs to our travels – I mean, just look at them! They’re a lot of fun!Cute dogs
  5. We are not too old to travel – Blah, blah, blah… I always get the question, when are you having kids. We’ll have kids eventually and when we do, we’ll be sure…
  6. Our kids travel will too – How are we going to afford that? Great question. We’re ok if we have to eat eggs, bread, and apples for a while. They’re not going to know the difference. I hope they learn to appreciate what a big world this is.

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