It looks like I found a new hobby…

I may have picked up a new hobby and that is reuniting lost dogs with their owners. There was that failed attempt during Christmas…only to learn the owner didn’t care about the dog anyways. That made me bitter. It confirmed my stance on how much I should care about things.

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Flying dogs (PPAC #36)

What a whimsical piece of art — a painting of dogs flying in the sky on a utility box. I found this in the Toluca Lake neighborhood off Riverside Drive and Evergreen. This was from one of my morning walks last week after having a bagel at Hank’s.

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It’s Saturday before 9:30 AM and I am already tired

Another weekend coffee share. It’s not even 9:30 am and I am already wiped out. This weekend my husband and I are watching our friend’s one year old beagle, Kolohe. She’s been here for less than 24 hours and I am EXHAUSTED! We are watching Kolohe because my friend finds her to be a handful. We’ll probably go to the dog park a little later to expend their energies. When I say “later” I mean like after 3PM. I woke up before 7 am to feed Lana and change her and entertain her. I also fed all three dogs and made them play in backyard before the gardeners arrived to install the jasmines. The hard part was getting Kolohe back in the house when the gardeners arrived. My husband does not want Kolohe in our room, but I already gave up. I am already so pre-occupied with everything else. My goal for the weekend to not have Kolohe bolt through the neighborhood and that is enough. By the way, I did not have any coffee yet.

My three tasks a day experiment is going well so far. It does not mean I do my three tasks and I won’t do anything for the rest of the day, I put three things to set myself some intention in my day. I already know I’ll get some interruptions throughout the day — I can’t predict what. The other day at work, a volunteer stopped my office asking me if I was busy. I was in the middle of something and I glanced at my task list. I had about 30 minutes left before I had to leave the office and I only completed one thing out of my three for the day. There was this major project that was been eating up a lot of my time and I was still working on this project. I had to tell her I was busy, but she could reach out to me via e-mail. If it was not for my three tasks experiment, I would have said “yes” to the inquiry and let that eat all my time and left the office later. I really need to take care of myself.

What else is in the plans for the rest of the weekend? I brought up some weekend ideas to my husband the other day. I wanted to go on an easy hiking trail (my husband hurt his knee), walk around a local garden, or go produce picking at a local farm. These are fairly low impact activities. But I am already tired. Maybe a trip to the dog park is a better idea. But I’d rather wait until the afternoon. Maybe once my daughter naps, I’ll take a nap too.

EDIT: my daughter napped for an hour. I did not. I spent that hour giving my spent coffee beans a second life in the front yard. Oh yeah I had my coffee too. I also practiced my Spanish and did some power hour tasks. A lot can be done in an hour.

Apple tart and coffee (from some cafe in Angers, France last year)

Meet Teddy

For those who follow this blog, you may have seen Teddy, my miniature schnauzer, making a few cameos. Here’s a photo of his first day with us when he became ours. He use to live with a family who lived in a house about a few miles over who could not have him anymore. At the time, we were looking for a dog after a few months living in our new home. After looking around at the shelters and Craigslist, there he was.

I’ve never owned a dog before Teddy. I was a little skeptical to why they would not want to continue keeping him — was there something wrong with him? Maybe this family had to move and could no longer live in their current home and keep the dog. Anyways, Teddy is living a pretty comfortable life. He loves anything that feels like a pillow or comforter, he hates roughing in in a tent, enjoys eating his dog food with a little bit of green leafy vegetables, and play rough house with his Pomeranian brother, Koda. Teddy’s enemies are the vacuum cleaner, the polyester cleaner, pretty much anything that makes that vacuum noise.

I can’t imagine how my life would be without him.


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I’m not going to pose here…

Teddy is the first dog I’ve owned. When we first got him, I took (I tried) lots of photos but he somehow does a great job turning himself away avoiding the camera. It’s not because Teddy is camera shy, it’s because he knows he can give me a hard time by looking away. *sighs* It’s hard to take a good photo of him.


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Just Chill

Our miniature schnauzer, Teddy tends to be resistant to water unless it is in a water bowl. But from our camping trip, we went hiking around Hume Lake. It was a hot day and Teddy did not mind taking a dip in the water before completing the rest of the loop. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of rest. Thank you for the reminder, puppies. I can always tell myself “the world can wait.” There is no need to finish everything and everything quickly.

Teddy does not know how to swim, but he found a place that is shallow where he can rest for a little bit. Koda, of course, joined in.

Hume Lake

Hume Lake

My question here is: how is nobody in that hammock? This frame looks so peaceful! The funny thing about camping is you could do nothing for an hour and you don’t feel a itch to do something. At home or at work, doing nothing for two minutes makes you restless and can make you other around you feel restless.

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