It looks like I found a new hobby…

I may have picked up a new hobby and that is reuniting lost dogs with their owners. There was that failed attempt during Christmas…only to learn the owner didn’t care about the dog anyways. That made me bitter. It confirmed my stance on how much I should care about things.

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An Afternoon for handmaking Valentine’s Day cards

If we were having coffee, we would be at this popular brunch place. You may ask me why are we here so early?” Well, as I mentioned, it’s a popular brunch spot and the waitlist for a seat gets very long quickly (think 60+ minutes). If you are okay with long waits, maybe you can occupy your time with walks around the neighborhood or wandering around the aisles of the Michaels Craft Store next door.

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We’re already planning for summer travel

And just like that: it’s February! Usually, I draft my weekend coffee share throughout the week (snippets here and there) but it’s been so busy. I didn’t even do my daily writing for two days! Do I set aside a couple of hours to write to make it up? I’ll not worry about that and move on.

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Favorite Books, Movies, Shows, and Podcasts of 2018

Here is a list of my favorite books, movies, shows, and podcasts of 2018. In the beginning of the year, I thought I would not have any time to reading for pleasure and watching TV. I think I got a fair amount of entertainment this year on my free weekends and school breaks.

This year, I have been listening to a lot of podcasts during my long drives for work. I started listening to podcast to help complement my graduate school studies on policy and public administration. It’s all been enlightening and engaging.






Podcasts –¬†A collection some of my favorite podcast episodes according to my “Favorites” list — if I remembered to favorite them, that is.

What are your favorite books, movies, and podcasts of 2018? Comment below!