Friendsgiving 2022

Call me crazy but I just finished hosting Friendsgiving and I just started working on my Weekend Coffee Share.

And yes, of course you are invited to the Friendsgiving Festivities. Do not worry, it’s not going to run late since most of us have work tomorrow morning. It’s a pretty simple setup of just friendly chatter and gossip. I apologize it’s not as elaborate in years before. I am little rusty on party hosting skills. I encouraged everyone to arrive after 3 pm because we had Lana’s dance class at 1pm. Afterwards, I had to pick up cake because it also happens to a friend’s birthday so we are making it a double celebration. Also I knew when I got home, I wanted to take a short nap before everyone arrived. I love the art of gathering, but I forget how tiring this season can be.

The next project I am excited to work on is decorating for Christmas. For years I keep talking about decorating the house but we never get around to it. I also enjoy going out to enjoy the decorations at the mall, the neighborhoods, events, etc. We still don’t have the space to decorate in the living area, but we could decorate outside at our entrance. If you decorate for Christmas (or any other holiday), how long does it take to decorate?

Be the Healthy Food Hero at any feast!

When it comes to feasts, there’s always going to be rich (read: unhealthy) food. When we’ve done Friendsgiving (Thanksgiving with friends), even with planning on who is going to bring what, there’s always bound to be at least five different desserts on the table.

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